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  1. Al's engine is a 6.1 block with a 6.4 timing cover the spacer is used to keep the surp belt pulleys inline
  2. I was going to say Alan traded the Great White Piston Punisher in for this Hellcat, but it's sitting in my driveway AGAIN!
  3. if you have tried a different valve body did it have a different speed sensor plate on it and did the connector that plugs in to it look good and have good pin fit and how about the wiring harness is there any chafing or heat damage around any of it and the tcm connector has been disconnected an connected a few time you may want to wiggle test that stuff you may possibly have a trans problem
  5. oil cooler is in that area and there is a drain plug on it. possibly curb damage to the car
  6. remove the left rear wheel to see if there is a one inch oval in the frame rail i can see the nut with a flashlight at least i little bit of it use your magnet threw the oval hole and fish for your left rear nut should be down in the rail or inward there is about a 6 inch area that i could have gone inward happy fishing
  7. nice bad boy toy
  8. the two wires that control the ignition coil or coils two to each coil one wire is power from the ASD relay the other is the ground that is controlled by a low side driver it does control the dwell or coil charge time witch does effect the burn time of the plug longer or shorter they can fire longer when needed but both plugs fire at the same time one being neg - and one being pos + sides of the coil winding
  9. the older waste spark ignition system did fire on the E STROKE and the new coil on plug doesnt the plug wire on the old system only moved the same firing event to another cylinder