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  1. Hey, never heard back from you and just wanted to see what all you might be interested in? Thnx again!!!
  2. Lopez11b, I'd be glad to help out with anything you might have your eyes on brother,thnx again,Robert
  3. ***The Set of 4 Factory Forged Alcoas are spoken for here locally guys so thanks again MMForums***
  4. Ok, good for you and now I don't feel bad for making an $1,100 profit on my set!!!
  5. Hey first come first served brother!!! No need to have your panties in a bunch cause you missed out on them.
  6. The Wheels/Tires were sold locally to a fellow LE State Constable today so thanks MMF'S!!!
  7. Updated the list with items that were sold and added another item to sell guys,thnx again MMFrms!!!