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  1. April Bump for a nice 84 degree day today here in Pittsburgh & lots of nice go-fast items still available guys!!!
  2. Ok brother,thanks again & let me know what you might be interested in my friend!!! Lt. Robert Steele
  3. Bump it up for some items still available guys including my Kenne Bell 2.8 Litre Big Bore Supercharger Head Unit with less than 500 miles on it plus a Lunati Blower Cam and lots of other Hemi items too!!!
  4. Weekend Bump!!! *** Should anyone need to see any pics of the items still for sale just PM me your email address please,thnx again!!!***
  5. Yes, the Kenne Bell 2.8 Big Bore Head Unit is still for sale and if you want to see what's all still for sale you can simply look at the first page and anything that's been sold Clearly has-*SOLD* placed after it in Bold Black lettering so if it doesn't state sold then it's still for sale or you can look at page #9 to see the updated list for things that are still available and which items have all been sold,thnx again jctsnook.
  6. Hey, never heard back from you and just wanted to see what all you might be interested in? Thnx again!!!
  7. Lopez11b, I'd be glad to help out with anything you might have your eyes on brother,thnx again,Robert