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  1. Sweet, going to check it out!
  2. https://www.coastaletech.com/mygigair.htm This works with android and appears to do what you want...at $449 it is a a bit pricey.
  3. Sounds good! I will contact you in the next few days.
  4. Hey Pal - Been awhile, I've kinda been out of the car scene loop the last year or so with life stuff going on. Hopefully be back in the thick of things in the next couple of months. Anyhow, I'll take the Blendmount.off your hands. We can figure out at day and time and I can stop by and pick it up. Eddie
  5. If only he would stay there!!!
  6. Good to hear. Sucks you had to go through the BS to collect. Hope all others get there $$ as well. GL with new build and al. block. It will be badass and worth the wait I'm sure.
  7. Speaking of Andy, wonder if any of the folks promised/waiting on refunds etc have heard from him in the last couple of months? Not likely I'm sure. I noticed the PWR website and facebook page are no more. I keep my fingers crossed that my PWR motor continues to hold together.
  8. Keep it! By your own admission the car has sentimental value and with a baby on the way it makes no sense to unload this car for a more expensive one. Take a deep breath, get the newborn home for a little while and adjust to the change. After that, if the desire is still there and it fits in the budget/lifestyle etc, go for it.
  9. I heard you was spotted at HD. All safe so far, the dog is loving it! We've worked our way down the coast to Ft Myers. Less than a week before Christmas and seting by the pool at 9 in the morning, can't beat it. Thinking we will check this area out for next 2 or 3 days before heading back north.
  10. Heading south in a about an hour, be back by Xmas. Hopefully we will come back with a feel for the area and maybe get lucky and stumble upon a leftover good deal. At least get a week of warm weather and sunshine!
  11. Going to check this area out for sure towards the end of the week. Have a friend of a friend that is a realtor in the area that we plan to hook up with. Another old friend of mine fromTN relocated to the Tampa/St.Pete area about 10 years ago and the Cape Coral and Ft Myers area was the first place he recommended.
  12. Thanks for the continued input, all duly noted. Deef - if we end up looking that way I'll def look you up.
  13. Looks like that is just south of Vero Beech. Will look into it if when we venture that direction. Good site. Patience could land a deal from there. I found 1 property on there that might be doable, we'll do a drive by next week. Thx guys!
  14. I was kind of afraid that would be the case. My water option may have to be a pool, which I could deal with. Thx for input.