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  1. This has got to be one of the most fucked up things I've seen on any forum and at the same time the funniest shit......Got to give credit to Rob or whatever your name is ; for having the nads to even respond. I hope you cure your wantabe problems and get your own Cat.....
  2. No Vibrations at all I can't tell it from the stock one ride wise . Stay away from carbon fiber seen a few blow up; the guys switched to Aluminum and it holds the power .
  3. I went with DSS Aluminum and no Whipple lmao
  4. Too bad on your supercharger.....but just like my long block they are taking care of you . GREAT having performance backed with the warranty . Set of Drag radials and 10.7 isn't a problem at all for a stock cat Even though it kills me to agree with Fireball......Mike drives his 4.5 Whipple everyday. The car has over 20k miles on it. It ran 9.62 off the trailer . DTP / Brent has got them down !!! Time will tell how long it lasts but right now its a bad mofo. I do agree the "bigger not better " stance.....we were running my 2.8 to 20lbs ; it was maxed out but the car was consistant 9.8-10.2 depending on weather. NOONE I can recall could get the 3.6 to work due to the massive torque it pushes. Most just gave up on it and moved on. KB is supposed to be putting a 4.7 together for Cats.....time will tell on that too. IT WONT BE ME !!! I'm happy as I can be with the Cat . I've done just the upper pulley , Driveshaft and a 3:09 gear change.....10.3 all day long. Just got skinnies I haven't ran yet so I'll see if the might give me a tenth .
  5. And the crowd yells......ESKLE ESKLE EEEESSSSSKKKKLLLLEEE !!!!!!!
  6. $78,000.00 WORTH OF NO THANKS . That's the cost with a sunroof and orange Brembo's . My dealer was ordering 2 while we were doing paperwork on the wifes new Durango SRT
  7. Don't be sad...lol....Think of it this way. It doesn't have a blower so it will be much easier for Stage 6 to put a Turbo on it . Then there may be a new slogan .....God Damn Durango . We'll see you soon I'm sure . We've been too busy to think about going to the events . BUT we are definitely doing VMP and thinking hard about Atco. We miss the gang !!
  8. Sorry Jeep peeps.......Its a Durango SRT Octane Red.....She wanted the bigger cargo area so no Jeep . Already in V status . Ordered it Saturday. See you at VMP in the fall hopefully she'll sport it to MSHS and Mopar Madness. Somebody is stoked .
  9. Posting for a friend who got a Demon allocation . Under 6,000 miles ; garage kept ; Spotless . The car has been tuned by Brent at DTP , Pcm switched , 309 gears , larger injectors ,larger intercooler, upper and lower pullies , crank pinned , DSS Alum. driveshaft plus more...Around 820 to the ground on Q16 also a tune for 93 . 4 extra stock rims , a set of DR's on 20's , another set of Welds 18's with MT DR's . Cars been tracked once ...maybe 10 passes . Some under the hood goodies from JLT as well 60k obo PM me for pics or contact info. ***all original parts boxed and go with the ride
  10. Sold Privately....Ill post pic.s but its a 2015 Sublime A8 , some custom stripes .....no leather interior, no sun roof , no brass monkey.
  11. I too went the "build the mofo" way and it takes a hell of a lot of money to get to sub 10.5 even more for sub 10.0 ......not to mention the constant breaking of shit . I loved my 08 BUT once you get to that 'got to go faster " it became an absolute nightmare . Leaving the events pissed off with something else broken took the wind out of the sails. All in the name of FASTEST. Between the upgrades from 09 until I sold it .(gave it away ) I had 50k +/- in the car in upgrades PLUS what I paid for it . I now own a Hellcat........absolutely the best decision I ever made with a performance vehicle . LOVE EVERYTHING about it..... even after an engine replacement (Long Block for FREE ) Warranty ON A MID-10 second street car . For around $4500.00 (Driveshaft , 3:09 gear , upper pulley change , Hemituner computer , Tune by Brent at DTP , Drag radials ) !0.33 1/4 mile 716 rwhp No brainer ......HELLCAT !!!!!!
  12. GOOD LUCK with that.....Buddy 1st in line ; willing to pay 5k over ; after 2 months....Sorry we are auctioning it off to highest bidder on our list. The RETARDS will be WORSE with the Demon !!!!
  13. No....that was BUDABOY ......But my submersible water pump in the cool can came from Wally World . Does that count ? Actually the guy that bought her just had to replace the pump
  14. First off......If you have HEMI-C under any hood with any power adder ; Its like having the mad Scientist thrashing to get every single inch of your displacement at its absolute best . Kenne Bell.......You're very rarely going to hear anything positive from any vendor on KB . WHY ???? Kenne Bell sells direct .....very simple.....VENDORS can't mark-up the cost to the end user . This attitude pushed into the masses for the obvious lack of vendor support and rumor. Customer service is sometimes slow BUT they always get back to you . Their phones are crazy busy !! Performance......Absolutely the craziest torque line you'll see Thus the constant complaint about the light switch affect ......TRUST ME ...it can be tuned out so it can be pleasant to drive. When I made my choice to go KB the 6.1 was in the beginning stages of track performance and I was the crazy sob that went in a direction others thought was nuts . Was it a challenge ? YES . BUT the results were worth it......10.58 on a stock block 6.1 with 8-10lbs of boost out a LC 2.8 KB. At this point the car was very drivable with Brent @DTP tuning out the crazy light switch people bitched about .....in reality after I drove it prior to his tune you learn/feel it coming and just sift up a gear and you'd control it. THE 2.8 KB served me well and was great to 12-15 lbs of boost on my forged 6.1 . Once we got to push for all its got ; HEAT becomes a significant factor (21-22lbs ). YES I'm the KB FANBOY Finally The KB is BY FAR the prettiest blower on the market period ......It might be able to have eggs fried on it but it doesn't look like a waffle maker . OK I FEEL BETTER NOW . OH .....fwiw.....Whipple wasn't producing for our platform then........BUT they are still fugly !
  15. DAMMMNNN DANO !!!!! From the first event ever to THIS !!! Awesome ....my how it grew ...whoda Thunk ???? Great Job MSHS Crew !