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    Was GREAT while it lasted my friends.
  1. I look forward to seeing your results with these Denis. The lower diameter as well should help your 60' and as I mentioined to you in PM I personally found the Hoosier don't need a whole lotta heat on burnout to hook up. Thanks for helping me out and buying them for asking price...your top notch eh!
  2. Mine left on a trailer today Glad you got yours though Mike, NO ONE loves their Challenger(s) more than you love yours. Be safe and be thankful (I know you are)
  3. How's your Zoomers sounding by the way?
  4. You kind of did blow me. You sold me your old one.
  5. ! Alright these are sold too...fart. Thanks Denis. I called and left Kev a message to work out the time and place of the baton passing. Thanks again buddy I'm gonna PM you my pay pal info now.
  6. A bj is a bj...and speaking of Rob BLOW ME!!!
  7. Hmm, it may actually work out. I'll PM you my cell number if you lost it from your phone?
  8. Kev, it first hinges on what day cause I do still have a job I would be willing to meet at a rest stop on the turnpike near that exit if the day works out.
  9. Kev I'm not that close. I'm closer to turnpike or 95.
  10. Yes they come with lugnuts...but I won't tighten them down for you very well lmao! Denis I'm going to PM you. Maybe Delaware will work...or Lancaster area depends on the day though. I'll PM you later gotta run out real quick.
  11. That's too much outta the way for me Dennis.
  12. Let me know if your passing by the area before someone makes me an offer, I have these listed on other forums.
  13. Crap, John is unlikely to be going to CF3 because his car prolly won't be ready. Anyone else passing by the Philly/South Jersey area willing to take these down to TooFart?
  14. If John is willing (I'll call him now) Dennis we have a deal.
  15. Weld drag wheels with Hoosier drag radials. $1000 See a video of them below. View the following links for specifications and what they cost new (combined $1,426) http://www.highhorseperformance.com/Weld_Racing_17x10_SRT_8_Challenger_LX_Black_p/71hb7100w67a.htm http://www.highhorseperformance.com/Hoosier_Drag_Radial_P275_40R17_Racing_Tire_17330_p/17330.htm Looking to have someone pick them up or I am willing to drive half way or up to 1hr away to deliver them to the buyer. At this time I don't wish to ship them. Send me a private message if interested. Tony