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  1. why do the oil cans hang soo low....
  2. whats it rated for
  3. 40 extra hp?
  4. corrected
  5. sorry.... lenginfelter supposedly
  6. livernois is taking over....... i think
  7. Confirmed fitment today, so be on the lookout for these in the VERY near future.
  8. Sold through AAD for sure. But I'm going to contact a few more vendors about stocking them as well. I had originally made 10 sets to get the ball rolling. But those sets look like they are all gone so there's another 30 in que
  9. Dicklogix stole the design from Mikah barnett. So I'm helping Mikah
  10. since Cuntfaces decided to rip off Mikah, i did the same to them. these will go up for sale once fitment is verified this week. #stolenlogix
  11. i have a ram force 10.5 rtrack and its pretty stout. not too crazy in terms of engagement and very street friendly... holding up fine after a few years of abuse over 1k whp
  12. have fun turboing a modern hemi in this chassis....
  13. hopefully canadians dont get gouged...... im in line/
  14. I've made over 1kwhp and run stock mains