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  1. I'm hearing all kinds of stuff. But we are over a year + change out. Will nail down some final info by next spring ... Hp #'s are looking good. Braking will be up'd . Some drive line parts as well ... Price will be UP and waiting will be BACK again, so don't panic, by the current one, it will hold it's value if you go it for invoice ....
  2. My car was just delivered. But now she's broken in. Will go to Windsor Weekend, just to watch ... maybe ...
  3. only because it was the only link to the price now it is on jalopnik and allpar http://jalopnik.com/the-707-horsepower-dodge-challenger-srt-hellcat-will-co-1605863227
  4. http://www.challengertalk.com/forums/f5/2015-challenger-information-thread-98814/index789.html less than 60 grand - a BARGAIN
  5. I will be going. I live 30 mins away. If anyone else is going I recommend meeting at the 6 pack tavern across from Cobo Hall. I think they changed the name, but it right outside the doors.
  6. It kills me to read Why did you by a Challenger -my anwser because I'm a Dodge guy Why did you pick a Challenger over a rustang ? - my answer is I'm a Dodge guy What did you do to your Challenger today? -my answer I beat it like a red headed step child, I drove her hard and put her away wet .. Can CT get any more gay ..by the way is Duck Dynasty on yet ?
  7. haaaaa haaaaa It's funny...you see the car with everything we have been talking about ... Sublime Green Split Grill Shark Ant Different Front Fascia Different Hood .... and no buddy thinks it's the 2015 ... they will post 2,000 pictures of a test mule with a bra on it , but remove the bra and no one notices ... bunch of turkeys ....
  8. Yeah, the bosses 1967 mustang small block with only headers on it would lift the front wheels of the ground .... I love those stories .... Hahahahaha
  9. the tail lights are led, they have diffuser panels over them to hide the "real" lighting ... The interior will be past the Charger / 300, they will be playing catch up next .... It's a game of leap frog, with only so much money / time , things are moving that way ...
  10. My wife's pulmonary hypertension pills are $58,000.00 a year. And I know everyone picks on our Canadian health system, but between them, my coverage at work (20% co pay) and, gov'ts programs , I only have to pay $100 bucks a week.
  11. http://www.challengertalk.com/forums/f5/first-look-2015-r-t-challenger-139409/
  12. 2009 R/T RED 27,000 km 2010 R/T PCP 66,000 km 2013 SRT PCP 23,000 km - parked for the winter - dam snow ....
  13. I have one for you. Oh wait, that's the one hanging in my garage after I hit a deer last year !!
  14. From the album Purple People Eater