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  1. Hey its been a while since ive been in here... kinda out if the loop. I have a 630whp blown 392. Arrington built. Need a tranny as i only did blutops and moparvtxm at the time of build... i dont drag. Just street driven. Arrington is saying they have. “Enforcer” tranny. Anyone hear of this. Other option is soutern hotrod ???? Opinions please. Thx
  2. Ya thanks. Doesn't help with when there is load on the wheels.
  3. Hey guys it's been a while. I Wanted to go with a 10" wheel for my rears and 305/30/20 Mickey Thompson street radial The wheels I have are Boss338. The offset is +35mm. When the car is in the air and the wheel Is put on , it's obvious with a tire on it is gonna hit the wheel well. I've been told while the car is in the air this will happen and when it's lowered , that there will be plenty of room behind. The car is lowered about 1.5" with a pettys coil over set. My question is, is my offset too much? I know speedy ran the same wheels but with a +20mm offset, It just once the tires are mounted I have to buy the wheels. So I don't want to do that. My tire guy also isn't sure once it's lowered the wheel will move out. Help. Thanks. Steve
  4. speedy is right 700 HP is fun on paper, but they key is dont be affraid to let off the gas! ... before its too late. btw, glad to be back. took some time off from forums and stuff.
  5. well, I think I figured it out.... fans were set to kick on at 215.... this issue would only happen when the motor was 210-212... I set the fans to kick on at 185... so far.... no issue knock on wood.... vapour lock? fuel boiling in the rails? No mopar fest.. woodward. Petty's pulled out of mopar fest and are doing mopars on the beach. Yes thats my car featured. I called the told me to data log...
  6. Just a slight problem. 2 weeks ago, new arrington 392, maggie 12lbs. shortie headers.. running great! Today after some bumper to bumper traffic Im at idle and in drive and it idles at 300-400rpm and will stall.. more than once... has been happening all night... any ideas... bad fuel? tune? no codes at all
  7. HP /tq bets... Closest number will get a free t-shirt sent to them. 12lb boost Shorty headers cam ,,, auto tranny
  8. Alex has thrown it together for me at arrington. He knows the numbers i wanted to hit. 91 octaine is max here. 91-93. Same deal.
  9. Thanks Frank... I'll still be considered "ghetto" next to your setup, but I'm trying
  10. im there the 28th. martinsville.
  11. well, put the pennies together, thanking my late grandfather and put money down today at arrington for a 5.7 VVT based forged 392, and cranking the boost to 12lbs. Lets hope for 600 hp and 630 tq. Install is in 2 weeks.... any inputs while im here and havent paid in full. Theres a cam going in. I want driveability and to be a hellcat killer
  12. Thanks steveo. I appreciate that. They are the pilot super sports. Very different than a base pilot. Fun day.
  13. 11.95@117. street tires
  14. Leaving at 8, clear traffic and safe travels for all
  15. What time are you guys showing up... I'll be in the orange " petty's garage" challenger. dont be shy ill have a cooler full of cool stuff