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  1. anybody have hotel info/code yet?
  2. what is your procedure?
  3. it does in my book unless the rules read otherwise
  4. They are definitely stepping up big. Looking forward to "seeing" them at the races.
  5. Hey Dan, how about a sponsor spotlight? I've asked a couple people about a sponsor and they had no idea who they were or what they were about. So can you tell us a little about VanDrake Racing? I do see they are stepping up big for the series!
  6. rumor is somebody has the shitz
  7. The boss is away lets play. He will never know he is out of the country! That sumbiatch has been thru how many motors? I even heard he tried to go thru a guard rail the other day. Time to make fun of Alan, get those jokes in before he gets back! lmao
  8. Back to back runs showing time of runs with my KB Time slips at a different track rental Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My advice is go to CF8 this month and see what shows and what goes. My 2.8KB should be there running. Last time on the dyno it was at 699 to the tire and clicks off 10.5xs pretty regular. KB & Whipples for the boys and Maggies & Eforce for the Girls hehe
  10. ready? I got 2 weeks to goof off before I start getting ready
  11. I'm being told they are sold out at the holiday inn
  12. who doesn't like slipping in the back door? I didn't want to post that comment on facebook but we aint on fb now!!
  13. Yea I'd rather stay at the holiday inn also. I might have some guests so I could use both actually
  14. not endorsing or anything since I've never seen on but looked like a decent deal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wo__T9S3mE&feature=youtu.be $450 for a carbon fiber helmet & free shipping