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  1. Ray Barton
  2. T&Ds work fine up to 8500 rpm with solid lifters
  3. Good luck with sale. Nice start for a stout race car. If you part out give me a call. I want a few of those items.
  4. So sad when looking at offerings for other platforms. We could used a lightweight rear subframe too
  5. If there isn't any weight savings I'm out. Thanks for the replies though. I'm surprised no one has made one yet.
  6. I have aftermarket coilovers that don't use the control arm spring perch. Seems like a lot of unnecessary metal in that control arm.
  7. I know Barton said "Fuck them" a while ago
  8. Too little, too late as they say
  9. No. Considering the intake but have yet to test it. I was told it might cause a power loss on the older heads. Funny thing is Barton helped test the new block and heads but hasn't heard of anyone running them at the track. I was also told the blocks have porosity issues that might be fatal.
  10. Nice car. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the results
  11. Remember that alternator will run your car by itself. You have to disconnect both battery and alternator
  12. I hear the Pro Bracket is more forgiving on marginal tracks. I run that tire and I wish it was even more forgiving :-) Unless you run on awesome tracks, have your suspension setup spot on or don't have much power, I would do the Pro Bracket
  13. Sounds legit