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  1. I would have sued the shit out of him.... But sometimes that's easeir said than done.
  2. I think I would like to get these but I'm not going to CF
  3. Eddie is a idiot, This all happened before about 2 years ago when he posted his 4.0 whipple build and this same shit came up. He's either stupid or playing stupid. Fuck him, after he wrecked that poor guys car and got a lawyer to get out of paying for it I have no respect for him. I know I fuck up but one thing I believe in is being a man of your word, owning up to your mistakes and taking care of it to make it right or make some kinds of effort at the bare minimum . He makes no fucking effort at all.
  4. I would like Eddie to post some pics of customers cars he has wrecked! Those are always cool:)
  5. OMG I'm so ready to do this. All last night I was dreaming about racing!
  6. Wow
  7. I thought his engine came in yesterday?
  8. looking at this i feel confident that i can get in to 9.5 and pro safety. Im # 9 These are what appears to be 8PSI to me these are wastage's only what appears to be roughly 6 PSI
  9. Rob, your absolutely right. You busted me. I was making 15 psi on the 11.0@127 pass. Sorry for lying.
  10. Rob I watch my gauges as I go down the track. Jason did a incrediable job on placement. No data log just watching gauge. Needless to say gauge showed 2 psi over the wastegates.
  11. I found my other slip on a second run when my CO2 tank ran almost out it was 11.2 at 127. I lost boost at the end. That's when I just removed that tank and ran 11.8s all day.
  12. Yes, I have time slip and witness to prove it. My boost gauge never went past 7.9 psi
  13. I went 11.8 @ 116 on 6psi , Wastegate. 11.0 @ 127 on 7.9 psi , that was because of the CO2 leak. You haveing a larger displacement I'm thinking I need about 2psi more than you to achieve that same. Maybe 3psi.