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  1. Good Luck Everyone! Linda
  2. I'm glad you are ok. Find the cheap labor guys that hang put at the home depot looking for work to clean out your gutters. My daughters father inlaw fell off a ladder and broke his leg in 5 places. Take Care Greg! Linda
  3. Try posting these on the LX site Weld is an awesome wheel!
  4. HHP

    @Bruce I'm not sure what happened or who you spoke too but I think you should send an email to Joshua Josh@hhp All weld of Bogarts are mfg custom wheel mfg'd and ate ordered so if that is what you ordered wanted and recieved, then why are you so pissed at HHP? Linda
  5. Me too Same to you! I had a great time finaly racing and at Atco! My win for the day Pushing John G to break out and loose in Bracket! Glad I helped those who helped Eric bnfy! Happy Thanksgiving All! Linda
  6. R.cCact Us Individually With Youralesndhttp://www.highhorseperformance.com Tech Questions Contact Us Individually With Your Sales And Tech Questions For quickest response times, please call us M-F, 9-6 Eastern time and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Toll Free: (888) 894-1115 Local: (302) 894-1115 Fax: (302) 514-9397 For quickest response times, please call us M-F, 9-6 Eastern time and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.
  7. Alan, Kate sends one of these! And one of these Linda
  8. I've been in the Goss Pit many times! his trailer is awesome and no it's not filled with good and bad Prochargers. He is sponsored by Procharger no need. And besides who on here is building an X275 car? But my 2010 Furious Fuchsia Challenger that my daughter Kate races is a good example for someone who wants to add more HP for the track and Daily Drive too. The D1 Procharger I think is a good level to be at for a 2010. Being around since 2010 and going through all the scams and promises the one thing I know is if you dont want to spend a ton of money don't think about running 10s. Kate wanted to run a 10.xx. I let her know the PITA Nag1 will have problems. And I already have another Built FF Challenger and I'm not building another one past this Procharger build. She ran a 10.8 and Limp mode. The trans was hurt. My husband had the oem refreshed and strengthened. This past Spring after 100s of passes for the past 3 years we had a Southern Hot Rod trans installed. In the MSHS race series she loves the Bracket racing class and running the 11.50 Race. Linda
  9. My daughter Kate races my 2010 Furious Fuschia Challenger also a Daily Driver It has a Procharger D1 installed by HHP. She loves to race Bracket 11.50s, but there is a race tune for lower 11s. Shes the 1st place winner for the last MSHS SuperStock. The Procharger and supporting mods were installed 2014 and has 100s of passes and is still going strong! Motor is stock the Trans is an SHR. Thought I'd post up the Sale. Linda Another win for Rob Goss at #NoMercy9, a new Magnum world record, and first place for #SuperStock class at the Nitrous Outlet VMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout 2018! Guess what all of these cars have in common - they're all #PoweredByHHP and ProCharger powered, and you can be too! Due to the recent success of this past weekend, we've extended our ProCharger sale until the end of this week. Just use coupon code WINNER at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com !
  10. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Camshaft-MOPAR-53022064BD-fits-09-16-Dodge-Challenger-5-7L-V8/163056331155?fits=Make%3ADodge|Model%3AChallenger&epid=203115318&hash=item25f6ea2993:g:nf4AAOSwWfdbHO67&_trkparms=gclientid%3DiQ6_V6xBx7muRxJxglzo8AFpIOb97bZUt3lD0iY_4me1OojNr1ACk_DhuC5lGF8x&_trksid=p2489528.m4989.l8656 Maybe this will help you figure it put Greg Linda
  11. What is the problem Linda
  12. Hahaha! No way it says that and should know better its Turbofreek posting ! Linda
  13. Well there now that seems like MMF at its finest!!!! Geeze it's not like it's a Go Fund Me lololol Linda
  14. Me and Kate will be looking forward to a 3 day race vacation!
  15. I see I missed that ....6.4 Have you kept your HC stock? They are a lot of Fun with just adding DRs and a Drive shaft. Linda
  16. Very Cool Greg!! Linda
  17. I went to Challengerfest 11.0s on 20 inch Nittos Atco 18 inch MT ET rs 10.80s Then my HC Charger was 1st for AJ to start the Diablo Tuning process. Next 3 times a week at the track R&D T&T of parts and Tuning. I was so Happy running the first time at CF and got to the other end and Thought Thank God No PITA Nag 1 limp mode !!!! You dont need a lot of mods to run some below 10.8s Linda
  18. Hi Iron6 Have you thought about about a Hellcat. There are Plenty of used ones at decent prices. I've seen where some guys have taken out weight and hit 10.50s stock. Linda
  19. Man Alive !!! An NC area code!
  20. Are you wanting to build your Challenger for Drag racing or maybe just some fast street fun? My daughter races a 2010 Challenger. She likes to bracket race. The car has 2 tunes 1 a 93 pump gas tune for Daily Driving. And a race gas tune Q16. It is built to run 11.20s. My husband had this built in 2014. It also has a D1 procharger supporting parts, upgraded axels and driveshaft. At first Blue tops for the Trans, but she wanted to go faster. I told her 10's will cause Trans issues. Yup she 2015 hits a 10.8 Limp mode and hurt the trans. My husband sent it out for an upgrade. I let Kate know I wasnt spending the money to build this for more HP. Breaking and waiting on the sidelines is no fun. She sticks to running 11s At the last race the Trans was slipping and we sent it to Southern Hotrod for a rebuild. So I think everyone could be more helpful if you would let us know what you are modifying for?. Linda
  21. My husband had a built 440 AL engine to run 10.0s with a KB 3.6 supercharger. I ran the 10.0 after 10 times down the track. The Nag1 is what will limit you. I would give High Horse Performance a call and ask them about what you want to do. Josh is a great Tuner and they can help with engine builds and put a package together for your needs Contact Us Individually With Your Sales And Tech Questions For quickest response times, please call us M-F, 9-6 Eastern time and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. General Sales Inquiries:sales@highhorseperformance.com Joshua, Technical Sales, ext. 301 Bruce, Engine Development, Racing & Technical Sales, ext. 302
  22. Lisa are you kidding me!!! Why????? Well, when you do go for a drive... Ya better snag the Red Key for some Fassst Fun!! Cant wait to hear your review Linda
  23. Kent, I missed much here. What motor did you finally installed ? Many of the Canada guys come to ATCO and the Detroit event. Much has changed and really is a lot of fun to attend. Hey I saw those SRT performance pages you could even run your Jeep.;) Check it out Hemirace.com Linda
  24. Congrats !!! And look I see your Charger. I was wondering about it. Have you gotten it togther and have been racing it ? Do you think you think we will ever see you at an MSHS race. Maybe ATCO? Linda:)
  25. On my Hellcat the supercharger Pully is mfg by Metco.They MFG for many brands of cars http://www.metcomotorsports.com/ I would give Rick a call and see if he can put together a Pully kit that you need. Hes very knowledgeable and has great customer service. Metco Motorsports 109 North Park Drive Anderson, SC 29625 (864) 332-5929 Linda