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  1. As we continue to expand our knowledge base on the A8 TCM's we are offering one A8 owner FREE transmission tuning at CF8. If anyone is interested the conditions for this offer are as follows: 1. Candidate pays the $200 TCM unlock fee (our cost). 2. There will be no charge for TCM tuning/file changes. 3. Candidate car must be equipped with appropriate rear tires (DR's or slicks). 4. Candidate car needs to be able to run repeatable 60' and ET's before TCM changes will be made. 5. If OST is not tuning your car we will gladly work with your tuner to adjust engine rev limits in your PCM tune. 6. The primary goal will be quicker 60's and ET's This offer will primarily benefit a modified A8 equipped car or a Hellcat. With TCM mods we have already gained close to 30whp in a 2016 Scat Pack equipped with an OST Dyno cam. We have also modified the TCM in a 2016 Hellcat with stock rear gear, stock exhaust, stock air box and OST tune to cut a 1.42 60' in 2000' DA. If you are interested please email me: mike@ostdyno.com This is "first come, first serve" and the tune unlock payment will need to be pre-paid.
  2. Wow! screaming deal!
  3. The Trinity logging is really functional for us. Like Micah mentioned we set up the initial "Gauge Page" to show only AFR and for me KR - but you can make a "gauge page" show whatever you want. The Trinity is still logging all the other PID's we want to log but they are on different pages so that the screen is not cluttered and difficult to read. As Micah also mentioned you can program the LED's around the Trinity button. So in my Jeep for example I have AFR, KR and Boost. I have the LED's programmed to "flash" Red if I go too lean at WOT and the LED's flash Yellow if I have over 2 degrees of KR. So when I am being pushed back into the seat all I look for if thinks get tense is the LED's, if it's a smooth pass I also watch the AFR and boost. Piece of cake!
  4. Like Micah said, no need for spending money on a gauge or a gauge mount - unless yoou really want an extra gauge mounted in your car. The wideband is for tuning. After that's done you can use the trinity when racing or testing tuning changes. Otherwise daily drive like most factory cars with no need for an extra gauge or gauge pod. Much cleaner looking too.
  5. With the 16 Scat Pack we are building we gained close to 30whp by just raising the shift point from 6200rpm to 6900rpm - no other changes. With this cam it will probably pull to 7200 but we are just testing at this point and we were impressed.
  6. We tested TCM changes to a 2016 Scat Pack on Tuesday and will be dyno and track testing a 2016 Hellcat Challenger Friday and Saturday. The only changes we are making at this time is to raise the shift points by gear by a few hundred RPM's. On the Scat we unlocked the converter in 1st through 3rd and raised the shift point to 6900. Maybe we'll add a touch of line pressure. Baby steps
  7. Very nicely done!
  8. i'll take these sir if they are still available.
  9. We are offering free shipping on your engine purchase up to $250! Assembled and backed by one of the country’s best Gen III Hemi builders - Jeff Taylor Performance, you can be sure of the quality and durability of your custom built OST Dyno engine. These are the same engines running in record setting cars like the first M6 Challenger in the world to run 9’s! We have also been running one of these in the OST Jeep (9.4@154) for 3 years of daily driving and race abuse without issue. Shortblocks – starting at $4,595 - Up to 426ci for 6.1 or 6.4 based engines - NA or Forced Induction compression choice - Manley crankshaft and H-beam rods (I-beams optional) - Wiseco forged pistons - ARP 2000 rod bolts & optional ARP main studs with line bore - Complete balance and blueprinting - Visit our website: www.ostdyno.com for more details - Call the shop to place your order today. Offer is good until April 15th 2017. Note: Customer core required.
  10. Give Micah a shout for Kirkey seat mounting systems. He uses a custom fixed or slider system and aluminum side mounts.
  11. Jon Treen recently joined OST Dyno as a Performance Technician. Jon comes to OST from the Chrysler dealership world where he worked for 10 years in various positions in the service and parts departments. Not only does Jon bring a wealth of Chrysler knowledge and experience to OST he also has some notable performance experience. Jon has assembled and driven numerous performance vehicles including a custom turbo Nissan that won 1st place at the NOPI Nationals, various Dodge and Ford trucks and a “full tilt” SRT-4 pushing 700whp. We look forward to reducing the scheduling wait times to our customers and the continued growth of OST Dyno with this valuable addition to our staff. Please join us in welcoming Jon! Mike
  12. Nicely done!
  13. Take $100 off of our already unbeatable cam install package prices! OST VVT cam of your choice, gaskets, fluids, install and custom dyno tune - Starting at $3242 OST Non-VVT cam of your choice, gaskets, fluids, install and custom dyno tune - Starting at $2137 NOTE: Pricing will vary depending on application and cam components required. Please see our website for pricing for your application and deduct $100 from the listed price. Special pricing is good until April 15th 2017. OST Dyno Specializing in building and tuning 1000whp, daily driven, 9 second cars! www.ostdyno.com Shop Phone: 724-368-9000
  14. Any updates Sillyhp? We just got a new trans in for the Jeep and if we can make room in the shop we should have it in an everything gone through in a couple of days. I want to get some seat time in at CF8 and would love to pair our Jeeps up! Come on! it's only a few days drive for you. It's like us driving to Bonneville (which btw I have not done - just trying to egg you on)