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  1. Diablo is in Celcius and HPTuners is in Farenheit. P.S> We have the Hellcat A8 trans tuning dialed in. We were at the track today and verified (what we have tested on the dyno and at CF7) that our new Excel TCM spreadsheet shift point calculator is working spot. Just let me know when you're ready to get serious
  2. Same view in HPTuners
  3. Here ya go - temps in celcius
  4. Yes, we have seen this on many Trinity's. You already discovered my rule of thumb when adding PID's - add a page, 4 PIDs, and save it
  5. Here's a screen shot of a stock Hellcat pull for reference so you can see where the aircharge is. As you already discovered there is quite a bit of KR with the stock tune.
  6. Speedy, here is the "WOT spark" table and the "Hot air" and "Hot ECT" spark modifiers for reference. You will need to datalog the PID "Aircharge" to see where you are in the tables.
  7. The Trinity logging is really functional for us. Like Micah mentioned we set up the initial "Gauge Page" to show only AFR and for me KR - but you can make a "gauge page" show whatever you want. The Trinity is still logging all the other PID's we want to log but they are on different pages so that the screen is not cluttered and difficult to read. As Micah also mentioned you can program the LED's around the Trinity button. So in my Jeep for example I have AFR, KR and Boost. I have the LED's programmed to "flash" Red if I go too lean at WOT and the LED's flash Yellow if I have over 2 degrees of KR. So when I am being pushed back into the seat all I look for if thinks get tense is the LED's, if it's a smooth pass I also watch the AFR and boost. Piece of cake!
  8. Like Micah said, no need for spending money on a gauge or a gauge mount - unless yoou really want an extra gauge mounted in your car. The wideband is for tuning. After that's done you can use the trinity when racing or testing tuning changes. Otherwise daily drive like most factory cars with no need for an extra gauge or gauge pod. Much cleaner looking too.
  9. Very nicely done!
  10. i'll take these sir if they are still available.
  11. Give Micah a shout for Kirkey seat mounting systems. He uses a custom fixed or slider system and aluminum side mounts.
  12. Any updates Sillyhp? We just got a new trans in for the Jeep and if we can make room in the shop we should have it in an everything gone through in a couple of days. I want to get some seat time in at CF8 and would love to pair our Jeeps up! Come on! it's only a few days drive for you. It's like us driving to Bonneville (which btw I have not done - just trying to egg you on)