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  1. Why? He wanted a spare set just in case
  2. Wait are you sure? Your signature says 2013.....
  3. Motor is just a small fee extra.
  4. Whipple and Arrington are looking for one 2013-2014 300C SRT8 or Charger SRT8 for research and development on the new Whipple 2.9L Kit in Black. We will need the car by the end of next week, March 21st, and will need to keep the car for 2 weeks. The cost of this complete package, $4750.00. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE FOR THIS OFFER.
  5. Need more sayings like this one! Where is the LIKE button when you need it. It is because you don't shift quick enough.
  6. Dave @ Alpine is GREAT when it comes to picking up and delivering. I always feel comfortable when recommending him. Now comes the wait..........
  7. Sign Here:___________________________
  8. We have a one deal only special to offer you guys. First come first serve. We have one Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger kit we are offering installed and dyno tuned for $6950. This offer is good for stock to slightly modified 6.4L and 5.7L Cars 2011 and up.
  9. IF we can have the Jeep for some testing here in house, then yes to a head and cam package.
  10. Any time you upgrade to a better quality part it is a bit more insurance against failure. With the stock setup you are good up to 8lbs.
  11. As of right now the only guaranteed fit is the 6.1L & 6.4L Challenger. I am sure it would fit with a few modifications to the coolant tank location and heat exchanger mounts. Should bolt up to any 6.1L Stroker, Still verifying fitment for the LX, LD.
  12. Absolutely. the Tuners are $6850 and Completes $7450 for black, add $500 for Polished, or add $600 for HEMI Orange.