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  1. Denis! Welcome to the "11" club. U.F.O.
  2. Don't count us Maggie owners out yet. I have one. U.F.O.
  3. I'm backing the man with the 392. Alan, you get any action you don't want you can lay it off here. U.F.O.
  4. Hahahahaha!!! I love it! WRT...you rock! U.F.O.
  5. I gotta go with Alan on this one. U.F.O.
  6. Jacksan...if I promise not to pee every 50 miles, you guys want to caravan again with us this year to CF4? U.F.O.
  7. Where's my popcorn! U.F.O.
  8. You're killing me. That guy in the pic has to be 75 yrs old and not nearly as handsome as me! U.F.O.
  9. Johnny...maybe it's time for you to make the NOS pitch? U.F.O.
  10. Lisa...Sammy thinks we're funny. He doesn't see the tears through his monitor. U.F.O.
  11. Mani! You rock Buddy! Almost makes me want to swap out my auto for a stick....almost. We're gonna have some epic matchups at CF4. I just hope I have my car back from Arrington by then. U.F.O.
  12. Mani vs Alan... Sounds epic! 6 speed vs auto. Built 392 vs factory 392. Mani running higher boost. We'll have to handicap this race and get some friendly bets in place before hitting the track at CF4. We're gonna have some fast ass cars next year. Lot's of peeps have been doing upgrades and there's still 8 months before the event. Can't wait!!! U.F.O.
  13. Beautiful run! Congrats. U.F.O.
  14. Congrats capt and Mani. You guys almost make me wish I had gotten a stick. I had a Gen 1 Viper back in the day and I really did enjoy running through those gears. U.F.O.
  15. See Angie. I knew you'd get it figured out. U.F.O.