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  1. someone cant weld worth a crap
  2. few quick pics few quick pictures
  3. Just got it yesterday, was almost dark when I got home with it, still on the trailer since its going to the muffler hut, needs the bumpers redid and carpet and some small stuff. new paint is viper red all the trim has been removed and holes welded up and done the right way, 440 with a auto. has weld wheels on the rear and some drag stars on the front for now. will have welds all around soon, pics as soon as I can get em up
  4. Now my son just got his recall for his 2011 challenger. we turned off the mds on both our cars as soon as we got em. looks like its just challengers. why not the chargers and others. even my ram pickup should be the same bad parts
  5. got my recall today, I don't trust any dealers here in Oklahoma city to work on my car. David Stanley dodge bent the door jams replacing the cracked rocker panels. whos to trust to fix it ? I would haul in someplace trustworthy ?
  6. got is a lot cheaper then 400, well not a lot, what do you people think if I get a custom tune ? not looking for mega horse power, but every little bit helps. would love to go big time fast but the funds aren't there since retirement, thanks for the help.
  7. what kind of Issues ? I read where a lot of people have did the change and like yall say some says its a great mod and some say its a waste of money, I got some time to kill right now so I ll give it a try don't think it will hurt anything. someday when I hot the lottery and go big time I ll be glad I got it, then I ll need a bigger one,, didn't get hurt much on the price I don't think, might look better on the coffee table from the way it sound, thanks for the help everyone
  8. thanks for the info. if I don't like it I can sure nuff take it back off. its sure pretty anyway.
  9. Gonna put a bigger throttle body on my 5.7 and need some advice. I am gonna pull the battery cable first and do the install and I can handle all that, But I ve been told to pull the number 2 fuse under the hood so the car will learn the new throttle bodys there. also told to push the gas peddle down 3 times after the battery is hooked back up. its a 87mm throttle body. hope to do a 392 cam and long tubes real soon too. thanks for the future answers and help.
  10. We have been looking at a new charger, what exhaust did she get ? really like the super bees just not the price
  11. when did they drop yellow ? I wanted a yellow express but got white to match the challenger
  12. Just sent some of the wifes casino money for a lifetime membership and a fat guy t-shirt, ya got any 3xl ? Thanks
  13. what a cool picture. theres so much stuff to read on this site i cant keep up,
  14. Love those hoods, mine is in my living room till this weekend and some warmer weather to put it on. I vote all one color.