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  1. Schroth GmbH has been revolutionizing and setting the highest safety standards since the early 1990s. They supply safety belts and harnesses to militaries, commercial aviation, and all levels of motorsport. But most importantly they are constantly evolving. BMW cars and owners are one of their biggest markets and BimmerWorld has been great fans of Schroth safety and technology since our earliest days. On this page, we will help direct you into a Schroth harness that best fits your needs to be Best Carpet Cleaner Solution The #1 rule of harnesses is: "all the way tight, all the time". This applies to all activities - even when using a harness on the street. A loose harness will do nothing to protect you. If that is rule #1, then #2 must be to understand how a harness functions properly and how to install one the right way. Installing a harness the wrong way can cause injury instead of preventing it. Schroth has some very innovative and in-depth installation setups but if you don't know what you're doing, you could be putting others at risk (as well as yourself).