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  1. Thanks guys! I hope to find a club in Jacksonville or start one
  2. Looks like I am moving to Jacksonville by June 1 and am interested in knowing if there is a Challenger Club in Jacksonville. Thanks! Ray
  3. Heck I plan to bring a small detailing kit with me because I know it will need it, but if I could pay $20 and have someone professionally do it, yep I'm in!
  4. Well I moved to Southaven in 1984 way before the huge growth boom, and man am I glad because I know all the shortcuts. I now live in Hernando, MS and glad I do. Will do. It would be sweet to have a bunch of Challengers crusing together.
  5. Well the Galleria area has several places so we can decide that a little closer to time. Wives? I thought this was a guy event?!
  6. Hey, several of my guys here in the Memphis area mentioned that we ought to see about scheduling a Rally for those headed to ChallengerFest 3 and then the entire group caravan on to Bowling Green. Wouldn't it be an awesome sight to have several dozen Challengers cruising as a wolfpack!? Let me know and we will be glad to figure out an easily accessible rally point and time. ~Ray
  7. I do drive in autostick at times but I did use my predator to disable it. Like I said in my post, it runs a lot better without it. ~Ray
  8. Good write-up! Love the floormats. *jealous*
  9. I know MDS is a good idea, in theory, and it does seems to extend gas mileage a bit, but I hate the damn thing. Dodge engineers did a crappy job in designing this feature. Mine has always been clunky, made a horrible noisy rattle/buzz. My R/T would stall or shudder when the MDS kicked in. It also would kick in at like 40 mph and bog the car down. So I just disabled it. My R/T has run like a different car without it and the gas mileage does not seem to have suffered much. What are your thoughts? ~Ray
  10. Yeah I can hear it...that's not right. Let us know what we can do to help! ~Ray
  11. That's the plan sweetheart
  12. Hey Justin, I know, but have to hedge my bets right now....maybe in the Spring I can spring for an entire set of something better.
  13. Thanks! I've contacted him
  14. Thanks for the thought, Sam. I'm not crazy about them either but need to replace my rears until I can purchase a set of something else.