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    Hi Mr. Lisa nice of you to visit again today
  1. FIFTY BUCKS!! You better be there next year...
  2. Still waiting on Modern Mopar Magazine to come out..... Oh wait never mind lol.
  3. Yep and good old @SRT8U was very active in deleting everything and crying to admins. Modern Mopar Forum the only place where nothing gets deleted and can't be bought off. I actually believe Kris there has fallen down the rabbit hole and actually believes the fantasy land he has made up in his mind. Who was the engineer on "your harness bar project" Kris were you there at the Mopar Accessory Lab when that harness bar presentation took place. FYI tell your husband Lisa to take Mikahs cad drawings off the SX website too. Wall doesn't have any balls he really is that fucking stupid.
  4. Razors Edge is no more but you are close Paul Riccio just started a new company to continue to perpatrate the fraud and avoid paying AAD their Royalty feeds. The name of that company is South East Coating Fabrication
  5. I need one before Atco I'm reaching out to Mikah now to get one.
  6. We won't be selling these I am all about seeing AAD Performance and the suppliers they use get back what was lost when Speedlogix didn't pay the man. The trickle down effect is horrible as it effects not only the man who designed the product but also his ability to pay his suppliers when SX does't pay up. I know that game all too well with them. The 60-90 days to pay the demands for more money off then they just worked with a guy that used to work for me to steal our work too. Thankfully I can fund my own operations and take hits like SX did to our biz and its much more sinister thatn what you can imagine and will leave it at that. Ice Ice baby indeed..
  7. Here is the posting made about the theft of the harness bar: https://www.facebook.com/mikahb/media_set?set=a.10155108924578069.1073741827.798993068&type=3 I could literally write a book about Speedlogix and the BS they pull. If you want the cliff notes version on this, Speedlogix "buying" Razors Edge and all the inbreeding going on between REM and SX this is exactly how this shit happened. All Riccio and REM did was start a new company to continuing manufacturing the stolen products. Any vendors on here doing biz with these crooks shame on you.
  8. That man cunt Kris Wall will cry like a bitch and get it shut down. Good old SRT8U right here on this board. I'm sure that stalker is lurking here too just not logged in. The word really needs to get out on this. They ripped off The All Angles Control Arms and the trailing arms. I knew about it for a long time it was me that went to AAD and told Mikah that Lisa Wall apporached me in late 2013 to make those control arms. I said no. First I saw how they were made and well made at that why the fuck do I need to make something that is already being done correctly? I know who machines the control arms too I'm not about taking money out of someones pocket not my style.
  9. Speedlogix will work overtime to shut anything down and cry to the admins.
  10. Yep more double talk from the owner of SX see post 10 I knew that they had not fully aquired Zoomers as of that time frame last October. Looks like she was throwing Frank under the bus there too in this entire thread ("former" owner of Zoomers). I wonder why the mufflers didn't ship maybe SX forgot to pay that bill too. http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php/384027-Zoomers-Rattle-warranty?highlight=zoomers
  11. Speedlogix doesn't "buy" shit. They take over your sales department. Last time I saw on the Zoomers gig that had not been a completed transaction either as of last year . I'm pretty coinfident Frank still held the patent on that setup. I'll find out in a few days when I can ask direct. You and I both know Lisa V. She got dicked around so bad on her Zoomers deal. Thankfully she kept good records and got her money back but they ignored her, then made a veiled effort to throw her under the bus but you know Ambassador Lee doesn't back down . She had to track down Frank the prior owner to even start to get some help on the issues she was having. Well documented from last year both on her page and in a couple car related pages on the social webs.
  12. ^^ and then threw him under the bus to absolve themselve for an issue with parts they had copied. Anyone remember how long it was on back order the control amrs and such? I do it because the plug was pulled on them. The VERY good news is All Angles has launced their online site and you can buy directly from them now. something we can definite agree on Don. What has happened is as dirty as can be. Takes scum bagging to a whole new level. I''m waiting for Mr. doesnt work there but works there to come in crying like a bitch for an admin....
  13. The whole sorrid BS crap what happened to Mikah and A.A.D is right here too https://www.facebook.com/mikahb/posts/10155108968818069?pnref=story I have been chatting with Mikah for some time and knew how dirty they were to him. He chose to take the high road and say nothing for a very long time until they in typical SX fashion started patting themselves on the back concerning the accomplishment that they "co-opted" and stole. Too bad the fine people at SX fucked that magazine up they could have put it all in print for everyone in the next issue .
  14. Hell Thats nothing but I deeply sympathize with the guy. Back when I built the Texas minitub car the SRT engineers asked me why I had opened up the bottom grill and I explained to them all the exact reason including air flow Calcs for heat exchangers and other factors. Well whatta ya know the next year brought on the revised fascia as well as the mopar ten addition which copied not only my paint scheme but the red color as well. What cracks me up about their color choice is I used ford laser red and mopar matched it exactly. Everytime I see a 10 edition it burns my ass. Oh and then in 15 after we unveiled the air ride system I built for fatchance V3 with the floating mount design and hidden wiring the air ride company copied my mount and brought it out as a production offerings and is now also offering a different style of hinden wiring then what I did but the same premise. I could go on and on about certain companies ripping off designs but fuck it. Between Lisa, razors edge and the moroso family nothing is safe and hadn't been for many years. I remember that shit show Cam. And what you type is 100% correct. I'll see you in a few days too and trying to get Trojan to come out he is in SoCal unitl the 23rd
  15. I can't wait to start bidding The auction is my favorite part of the event.