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  1. another mystery with mine is on dyno I see 11 lbs boost and on the street I see 13lbs all I know is its FUN
  2. two birds with one stone...Im in that is if Im running again by then
  3. workin a good friend down at Thunder Valley tonight on his second pass with his Hellcat ran a 11.3 @ 122 with .52 reaction time Good luck to everyone tomorrow!! Wish I was there for sure
  4. Candlewood for me all 3 nights
  5. Cant wait for May I figured they need some slow cars to woop up on so here I come. Just paid for racing but have already booked room at Candlewood Suites for Moparpalooza in Fredericksburg Va Hoping this aint too far apart
  6. I missed out but we will meet up again I'm sure
  7. awesome Howie a lil faster this year are we!!
  8. He he yup
  9. 19-20 with cai and I only have the 6 speed
  10. I know the feeling to well it sucks Sure hope its found soon and in good shape
  11. fixn to do some SERIOUS mods to my new Ram this weekend...CAI and Mufflex LMAO
  12. LMAO ya I had to throw that out for all to druel Im ready to give everyone rides now Its awesome!!!
  13. Love it Chris :-) You got all the issued solved. Lookin forward to beating on it again at the True Street Shootout this weekend!! Can't beleive how quiet it is now. You dont even know its there Should have about 350-400 miles on it by the weekend
  14. awesome keep the build coming!!