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  1. Long story short , Recently sponsored by JMS from a set of 17" wheels . anyone running street tires on the front 17.x 4.5 wheels ? Track use is not in my future since I will not suckup to NHRA sine they voided my comp license during the great NHRA Street Outlaws letter deal (What you see on T is not all that happens ). Been looking at 215 65 17's just wondering if anyone else runs something besides the M&h front runners . As the front runners are bias ply and really need a radial as will be running DR's Thanks .
  2. Well a gerbil ha more balls then Krissy
  3. Which pistons ? 2618 or 4032 ?? no bearing or rings ??
  4. Fact !! Psst fixed it for you:)
  5. you must be getting the same lame lowball will you take XXX for it ohh and I want free tech advice that I am Feel like asking would you like me to install that for free also ?? To the point that flat out I dont even respond to super low offers
  6. All parts came off a 2013 392 auto with 3.5 k miles Intake Manifold , Fuel Rails, Injectors and Throttle Body.. Valve Covers and soon 3k miles Auto Cam and Lifters . Pricing depends on how much you need but all plus shipping Intake base intake no rails or injectors or Throttle body 300 Rails and injectors 200 Throttle Body 100 Valve covers 75 Cam and Lifters 250 also Challenger Mopar 10 Hurst Pistol grip Shifter complete 6 speed shifter assembly 450
  7. Well since its out I can now confirm the install and testing of 5 Hellcat Durangos seen them driven one .
  8. No Offense But ... First and only post Unless someone here can vouch for you I will pass . Thanks
  9. Still need anything have Injectors 3.k miles, Rails , Throttle body , Intake manifold ect
  10. What are you using for head bolts ? How good are the stock ones good for ? Looked at ARP site but didnt see any listed
  11. That Sucks , hope it gets back to you as good as new . .
  12. For anyone wanting one the Mopar rear tire covers that have been on Backorder for 18 plus months are in available again they show 275 last week and now down to 139 part number P5153625 so need one hit up your dealer quick
  13. Unfortunately He hit the wall. https://www.facebook.com/NHRA/videos/10154505324661410/
  14. Well, back on the forum since moving and BS , Back to work Dodge Parts Manager . And well Had a 2013 6.4 Challenger that they had ordered a complete Service Engine that bought the core actually pretty happy with what I found so winter project will be building a 392 looks like broke a valve spring . dropped valve that snapped and put a hole in piston , banged chamber a bit but will clean up and no cylinder damage at all .
  15. Yes, probably why very little damage .
  16. Yes not bad at all engine came out of a 2013 with 3.5 k miles.
  17. good luck same here.
  18. How much horsepower are you running ? will be doing mine this fall so looking for a good Clutch so be interested in your opinion.
  19. looks decent come with aluminum flywheel ???
  20. Whats funny is GM offers a Catch Can and CAI in the performance parts catalog (you know the thing that is 3 years old and never anything new for us MoPar guys) The ZL1 and many vettes come with a catch can installed.
  21. Used Short Throw Hurst Competition/Plus 2 Shifter will ship for 450.00 Challenger 6-Speed Includes Pistol Grip Shifter Knob Retails 765.00 http://www.jegs.com/i/Mopar-Performance/312/P5155458/10002/-1?parentProductId=757087
  22. Chris Too easy get the Cervinis Ram air box .I have one I might be willing to sell if they dont except you might have to wait its packed up pending Medical discharge from the Army and moving.
  23. a true sandbagger Congrats on the win .
  24. So Joe are you saying you are the one with the hurt ass ???