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  1. All items sold !!
  2. Everything you need to install and setup. All parts are Nitrous Outlet except the NOSMini Nitrous Controller. Includes:Billet 2 bottle heated bottle bracket2 Remote Bottle openersNOS Mini 2 Stage Nitrous controllerNitrous Pressure switch to control heaterIn Line filter90mm plateNew solenoid mounting backetNitrous and fuel solenoiodsPurge solenoidNew 2 bottle dash switchSingle bottle dash switch-4an line-4an y and fittings-6an blowdown line, y and fittings-4an lineMisc jets and hard lines. Does not include nitrous bottles
  3. I really cant say as I have no experience with the Billy Boat., but I can say the fit and quality is excellent. It might be a tad quieter cruising than the Billy Boat from what I have neen told
  4. I have Everything you need, but not all are stock pieces. I have a 3.06 getrag in good conditions, 1400hp DSS axles and hubs to fit. I also have a DSS 2 piece chrome moly driveshaft to fit an lx. I also have a rear cradle with new poly bushings and diff mount bushings, all bolts, etc. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. I am running their catback and love it. Quieter than most with a deep rumble. Cruising at 60, you know it is there but it is not obtrusive at all. When you et on it, it gets a bit loud but again not like most. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Aj, Eric, Don, Chris and many others were a good crew. I was always treated with respect and timelines were always kept. And the 366 they built me was bullet proof and helped win many season class championships. They really will be missed but BFNY, A2Speed, True Street, Hemituner, HHp, Billy Briggs and others have really stepped up in the recent years. Competition is always good.
  7. Looking for an 18-20 foot open car hauler trailer. Prefer aluminum, but will consider a nice steel trailer as well. NO JUNK ! I am not willing to pay top dollar, the trailer must be priced reasonably. I am in NE Oh and am willing to drive 5-6 Hrs if the price is right. Remember , at 15 mpg the distance and fuel cost will eat up any saving in a hurry so please consider transport costs as well. You can text me at 4403217112 for me either to check this posting or with info on what you have. Thanks.
  8. Nicely done Greg !
  9. Damn, if this was an automatic I would be looking to see what the market value of a kidney might be. Good luck with the sale Frank- this is an amazing car.
  10. Shocks are an easy replacement, the cradle does NOT need to be dropped. If installing coilovers, you must remove the factoy springs, which DOES trquire dropping the cradles just enough to slide the springs out. Then installing the coilovers is easy.
  11. A good set of coilovers can really make a difference at the track, but they can be noisy to the point of being maddening on the street. Depending what you want, Lakewoods are a nice compromise for a street strip car
  12. Sorry Ron, I had another guy pay almost immediately.
  13. Fuel Cell and A-Arms sold. More items added 7/7/17
  14. Trans cooler and fuel door are both sold.
  15. Check Post one - updated, reduced prices - make me an offer !