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  1. Shocks are an easy replacement, the cradle does NOT need to be dropped. If installing coilovers, you must remove the factoy springs, which DOES trquire dropping the cradles just enough to slide the springs out. Then installing the coilovers is easy.
  2. A good set of coilovers can really make a difference at the track, but they can be noisy to the point of being maddening on the street. Depending what you want, Lakewoods are a nice compromise for a street strip car
  3. Sorry Ron, I had another guy pay almost immediately.
  4. Fuel Cell and A-Arms sold. More items added 7/7/17
  5. Trans cooler and fuel door are both sold.
  6. Check Post one - updated, reduced prices - make me an offer !
  7. Intake on, injectors, fuel rail and lines, 90 mm Arrington throttle body, BT Catch Can and the most important item, A Legmaker True CAI. Getting closer. Still have the fuel pump, Mopar TCM, full exhaust, O2 sensors and monitor set up, etc but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  8. I ordered all new from Andy at East Coast Moparts, dont have the part number handy.
  9. Flywheel or flex plate? I have a flex plate if needed
  10. Quick update, and a few pointers for those that may not have done this before. When you put the push rods in, take extra care with placement, you can get them in the wrong hole in the head that is actaully a blind hole or oil return. As a matter of course, after installing the rocker arms on one side, I bar the engine over and observe that every rocker activates and as they do mark them with a chalk mark to ensure that all push rods are seated properly. I then repeat for the other side. Rockers on, valve covers on and plugs in. Slow steady progress, too may irons in the fire to work steady on this right now. Caution - Powdercoating looks great and really can dress up parts. However, you MUST run a tap into every hole and flush out any debri from the original blasting or coating. It is very easy to have a bolt gall the alum in the hole if any debri is in there. Don't ask me how I know.
  11. Thanks for thinking of me with the second one, I want it in red please .
  12. Yes, that is the easiest way to pull the heads, getting the headers off in the car is a bitch.
  13. DSS for the win for getting the power back to the diff. Some Thitek goodness with ARH longtubes bolted up and now in the car. Far easier to drop the heads and headers in as a unit, they fall into place.
  14. No, Unfortunately