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  1. Flywheel or flex plate? I have a flex plate if needed
  2. Quick update, and a few pointers for those that may not have done this before. When you put the push rods in, take extra care with placement, you can get them in the wrong hole in the head that is actaully a blind hole or oil return. As a matter of course, after installing the rocker arms on one side, I bar the engine over and observe that every rocker activates and as they do mark them with a chalk mark to ensure that all push rods are seated properly. I then repeat for the other side. Rockers on, valve covers on and plugs in. Slow steady progress, too may irons in the fire to work steady on this right now. Caution - Powdercoating looks great and really can dress up parts. However, you MUST run a tap into every hole and flush out any debri from the original blasting or coating. It is very easy to have a bolt gall the alum in the hole if any debri is in there. Don't ask me how I know.
  3. Thanks for thinking of me with the second one, I want it in red please .
  4. Yes, that is the easiest way to pull the heads, getting the headers off in the car is a bitch.
  5. DSS for the win for getting the power back to the diff. Some Thitek goodness with ARH longtubes bolted up and now in the car. Far easier to drop the heads and headers in as a unit, they fall into place.
  6. No, Unfortunately
  7. I have a cradle for sale with the solid bushings already installed. Cradle has been reinforced at known weak points. Hard work is already done $600 for cradle and bushings..
  8. It will be close, actually leaving for a 4 day vacation which will cost me a weekend - but it is for our anniversary so you gotta do what you gotta do
  9. Back at it, finally dropped the shortblock in as a unit, this works very well if you jack the car up about a foot, angle the engine-trans combo about 60 degrees, slides right in. Hint: get the block/engine in place witht hte motor mounts not yet in place, far easier and makes this a 15 minute job. Bolted up the engine and trans. Opened up the fender to accept the Legmaker True CAI. DSS two piece chrome moly driveshaft bolted in. From here out it is just a matter of bolting stuff up until I get to the fuel pump and N2O install. Progress! To do: Thitek 6.1 heads ARH Headers ARH full catback Arrington ported intake and 90mm throttle body Legmaker True CAI Belts and hoses/coolant Lakewood shocks 50/50 rear and 90/10 front 6.4 Fuel pump install Nitrous Outlet plate system ( I will put this in a separate thread as many have asked for a N2O install thread.) Done: 306 Getrag install with Drive Shaft Shop 1400hp axles and DSS 2 piece chrome moly driveshaft Rear cradle fitted with all new poly bushings from HHP Fender opened up for Legmaker CAI BFNY/Billy Briggs Performance shortblock in w/6speed mounts, new water pump, new alternator, all new sensors (crank, cam, water and oil) and many new sensor wiring connections Trans refreshed by Paramount and installed
  10. Look up, I answered your questions and attached pictures two posts above.
  11. Yes, includes wires. Paypal is daltonhg3@gmail.com
  12. Sent you a PM....
  13. Make it $150 shipped and we have a deal.
  14. It is a 5 gallon cell, The pump is fully anodized and e85 compatible. Will support 1500 hp on gas and well over 1000+hp on e85. Everything is here for a complete installation. at 1/2 the price and all is like new. I also have a fuel regulator already plumbed for aftermarket fuel rails -8an to control pump line pressure - $125