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  1. contact me tomorrow at MM I will see what I can find
  2. not as a drop in you would need the whole rotating assembly re balanced
  3. I wouldn't trust the HC factory rods past 900hp IMO seen more and more of them failing lately
  4. They went away from that awhile ago. even on the 2300 kits
  5. They Are all the same on the car version 6.4L
  6. PM me shipping to 24112 please
  7. No core charge
  8. forgive Dave I think the old man was trying to use Tapatalk
  9. they will not fit on a JK
  10. It doesnt gain anything either, The OCP intake was designed for the Resto-mods and it main goal was to keep the HP and TQ Like stock
  11. We have Stefs rear sump pans in stock with pick up tubes ready to go. https://www.modernmuscleperformance.com/product/rear-sump-oil-pan-57l-61l
  12. 5.7 and 6.4 are the same TB
  13. Really? this is news to me please share. Butt hurt? Our skin is thicker then that bud.
  14. not sure what the part# is but we have them in stock if you need one.
  15. Hellcat Heads FTW In Stock! http://www.modernmusclextreme.com/p-26-hellcat-62l-hemi-cnc-ported-heads-by-modern-muscle-performance.aspx