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  1. wow thats moving!! Damn i need to make some money and do shit right to my car and quit with the stupid shit and get the rear and gear and 15" slicks to where it actually goes when i push the peddle
  2. Give it hell tomorrow, have fun and be safe
  3. my car is still all stock srt stuff with hochkiss suspension I am wondering how shitty my ride will be on the street if I were to use lakewood 70/30 or 90/10 up front and 50/50 in the rear. I will not do anything at all if it makes for a crappy street ride. was just wondering how the people like it on their street ride. If its not to bad on the street and helps a little better than what i have now at the track then i may go that route.
  4. How does your car daily drive on the 70 30's ??
  5. awesome, I'm just going to save my phone space at places Jim is at,
  6. I know it wasn't many but after the few i took and while taking a video it stopped and said storage full,
  7. just hate to part with this after 11 years, got to find another way.
  8. congratulations on the nice find on the jeep I'm thinking about trading my lifted hummer for one, but chicken out when they only offer 25k for the hummer. But I'm dying for a new one
  9. This is the next adventure and your less than 2 hours from me, !!!! my getrag with the richmond 355's just went out at bradenton, and before that it was starting to peg leg on some burnouts. it lasted 15,000 or so miles with roughly 50 passes at the track Only using my spare with the 306's because it got me back on the road quick and will be a temporary option untill a save a little more for new rear and 15" conversion.
  10. I doubt 9.5 but, I got to save the money to make it stick consistently and just let it run what it will run somewhat consistently, blower only. Was wondering if those weight transfer shocks might help, but dont want to do anything that will make me regret it driving it on the street. Dont know if that would be something to try before 15" conversion and new rear.
  11. HaHa u funny guy, I know your busting my chops why would I go backwards ?, car has run 3 high nines with my street tune without the cai on the blower. Theoretically with a race tune and traction and a good 60 on launch, maybe a 9.7x is possible. But I will NEVER go backwards and NEVER lift the throttle to purposely run slower NEVER. Even though I have to temporarily run a 306 gear, every time I go out I'm shooting for a PB. My goal is to see best time it will run blower only on a race tune, a good launch and 60'. Which prolly wont happen now till I get a new rear, brake conversion and 15" slicks, but it will happen, then and only then i will be happy.
  12. For the record there were 3 cars in the 9.5 class in bradenton and I should have gotten a point, but whatever.
  13. Now I feel stupid , What a great event as always next year i'm bringing the camper for sure, even though Ocala's not far of a drive