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  1. Heard you been running open wheels
  2. I thought you had a 3 link?
  3. Well at least it was something simple!
  4. You can't check it? Jesus do I need to call your brother
  5. cool, I can wait so I know Rob is stoked
  6. so what all is left on the monster?
  7. tidy them up? wtf you think they are going to do with them? youve got 18 wires to deal with. looks badass!
  8. winning
  9. Alright!!! winning!
  10. I wouldnt update this thread anyway. You guys obviously cant read dates.
  11. absolutely nothing
  12. Have a link to the rules? You should start a thread
  13. please for the love of god elaborate!!! you know you want to
  14. YellowBullet only allows registration every once in a while. Keeps down the waves of fucktards signing up