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  1. We're proud to release our performance packages for the TrackHawk community! We've spent countless hours testing and proving these before coming to market to ensure they were reliable and safe for these daily driven monsters. These are all going to be in house packages to ensure that the quality of the workmanship is spot on for every TrackHawk we build. The power ratings are based on our findings when testing our test Jeeps on a Mainline AWD Dyno. These are all pump gas packages and were tested on 93 octane fuel. D1 TrackHawk Package; 690AWHP This package costs $1999 and features; -LMI Carbon Fiber Intake -180* Thermostat -Custom Calibration -In House Labor -2 Day Turn Around D2 TrackHawk Package; 730AWHP This package costs $3099 and features; -LMI Carbon Fiber Intake -180* Thermostat -ATI Overdrive Balancer -Gates HD Belt Upgrade -Crank Pinning -Custom Calibration -In House Labor -3 Day Turn Around D3 TrackHawk Package; 775AWHP This package costs $4899 and features; -LMI Carbon Fiber Intake -180* Thermostat -ATI Overdrive Balancer -Gates HD Belt Upgrade -Crank Pinning -Metco Supercharger Pulley -Injector Dynamics ID1050 Injectors -Custom Calibration -In House Labor -3 Day Turn Around D4 TrackHawk Package; 825AWHP This package costs $8799 and features; -LMI Carbon Fiber Intake -180* Thermostat -ATI Overdrive Balancer -Gates HD Belt Upgrade -Crank Pinning -Metco Supercharger Pulley -Injector Dynamics ID1050 Injectors -ARH 2" Longtube Headers with Catless Mid Pipes -Custom Calibration -In House Labor -5 Day Turn Around (Purchase any catback system from us and we'll install it for free while it's under the knife) D4-X TrackHawk Package; 875AWHP This package costs $9599 and features the same upgrades as our D4 package with the addition of a smaller blower pulley ring, a race gas tune, plus all the necessary software and tech needed to allow the end user to toggle between the tunes. Shoot us PM, Email, or call in anytime you'd like to chat over packages or any other options! We can accommodate just about any type of build for the THs from these packages all the way up to wild strokers/heads/cams on top of these packages or even turbo packages! We can arrange transportation for anyone who would like to ship us their vehicle for the work. Transportation costs will vary but we can quote that case by case when the time comes.
  2. This motor can handle well beyond 1000whp and features the following components: -Gen3 6.1 iron block -Gen3 6.1 ported/polished heads with upgraded valve train -Custom turbo cam -Mahle 2618 pistons, 4.080 bore, 9:1 compression -Molnar turbo rods -Molnar stroker crank, 4.050 stroke -Clevite performance bearings throughout, coated main bearings -ProGram billet main caps -ARP main studs -ARP head studs -ATI balancer -Cometic head gaskets -Forged pushrods -Mopar rocker shafts -Mopar oil pump -Mopar timing set -Mopar lifter set -Mopar timing cover -Mopar water pump -Mopar valve covers -Mopar MDS plugs Add your manifold, oil pan, sensors and go!! Asking 14,500 Shipped ConUS OBO. No core required. If you send in your usable 6.1 core block we will credit you back 1500 less return freight charges once we receive your stock 6.1 block. >
  3. These are good units. They're also referred to as the Mopar performance lifters as well. We've been running these for some time no complaints!
  4. She's a beaut mate! Those parts, they all look so familiar!
  5. Thanks for all the greetings guys and gals(harry ) I'm sure we'll start putting threads up here soon and we look forward to bringing some neat things to the MMF table!
  6. Wait a minute....who started this bashing? We just came here to defend ourselves, and in the process ended up becoming a vendor.
  7. You keep jumping on us for our 598whp number like it's impossible to make those kind of numbers on a stock motor stock trans wk2. We'll keep on doing that and you guys can keep on bashing away. You say you tell all customers that 550 max on stock motor stock trans when people call to inquire about your setup, you don't think we let the customers know about the risks of higher hp on stock trans and stock motor under boost for 392s? We already have a single kit in the works for the wk2 and a few other platforms. You got something to say about that too? When a customer comes to us or purchases through us we lay it all out for them to decide on what they want. We don't get them one thing and then stick them into another or "fluff" up anything else. The choice is theirs at the end of the day. All we know is that every one of our customers is satisfied. A pool hustler us someone that scours their area to find a game and make a few bucks, Ive played the the best of the bests and some pros...not your local bar floozy that thinks he's hot shit. Good try taking a stab to discredit me though. You want to keep on beating this thread go right ahead Chris. I've got a day to start and a successful business to run. Oh and please tell us about our sales history...because you'd know it best right?
  8. Back to the matter at hand here...shown below is a link to the ttc base kit. Where it shows all the details of the kit and what's included along with a dyno sheet showing 1134whp/963ftlbs where it says standard kit next to that. http://twinturbocreations.com/ttc/products/twin-turbo-grand-cherokee-srt8-kit/ No where on that page does it state that the customer has a built motor, fuel system, trans, or other supporting modifications nor does it state anywhere on that page that to achieve these levels you will need to highly modify your vehicle with upgraded parts. Sounds like false advertisement if you ask me. The unsuspecting customer who buys the kit not knowing these details is in for an extremely expensive surprise after he tries to make those kind of numbers. So, what was the purpose of you starting this thread again Chris?? Goehner, I was simply stating that in their testing, they made 620whp. Results vary though and you know more than anyone what it takes to get to where youre at. In our testing with the d1 just shy of 7psi we made 598whp after our final revisions, hell we made 555ish at the tires at the same boost level the first day of tuning down at AMP too. Regarding the vendorship, I was going to contact you about that this week actually
  9. Every customer that calls about this kit is told about the trans upgrade options and if they want them they get them. We offer both SHR and Paramonunt Performance. Regarding the pistons...we put a punishing 3000+ miles on the vehicle while in testing and tuning phase and as you can see, not a single broken stock piston to be seen. Johan must have made over 30 revisions to the tune before we were happy with the results and multiple trips to the dyno to prove the what the kit can do. If people are looking for more hp, then we have options ready for them too...4.10 bore cp pisons for the 392, these are what we're installing in Jim's wk2 along with molnar rods, and all new higher grade internals from top to bottom including a custom vvt blower cam.
  10. you are def a character chris. Love how you take this to another forum because you feel threatened by us and our system, i can understand where youre coming from though, I'd be scared too if another company launched a forced induction kit for our market that was going to take away from our wallets. But hey, that's business...nothing will stop that. You don't think we recommend certain things and supporting mods when our customers place their orders with us for anything? Hey Goehner, Procharger states up to 620 whp at 7 psi on an otherwise stock challenger 392, with the system you have. Does that mean you will make exactly that? Results vary right? Chris, do you state in your twin kit sale threads that if people buy your overpriced kit that they must buy a motor and trans and fuel system? There's a reason why you don't have very many kits out there...In the one month that we've released our single kit for the wk1, we've sold more kits than you have for the WK1 since you started contracting hellbent to build your kits. Does magnuson, procharger, kenne bell, whipple, vortech, Edelbrock or any other reputable forced induction manufacturer in this world state in their advertisements that they highly recommend upgrading your transmission when purchasing their kits for the lx/lc/wk market? Hell they don't even tell you that when you purchase direct from them. You start drinking again or something chris?