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  1. Just the Challenger and all adds as listed.
  2. Thanks Speedy, I've always enjoyed the fellowship, which is a good thing since hanging out isn't frustrating (unlike trying to make it from A to B without breaking something).
  3. Thanks Linda, You are correct, even if I sell the SRT600 I will still have a couple Mopars'. Johnnie
  4. If I don't sell the SRT600 I'll need to keep them. So they will go with the car. Thanks for your interest. Regards, Johnnie
  5. 87000 wrong, 81400.
  6. I bought them for each other, it wouldn't be right to separate them. Thanks for the suggestion. Regards, Johnnie Same here Kev, and thanks
  7. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm not sure what the future holds. This would be one great Christmas Present!
  8. I'm not sure that I have the actual receipts, but spending the money is burned into my memory...
  9. SOLD​ SRT600 & 3500! Thanks to you all for the fellowship and help with my Challenger. I still have the Enclosed trailer (equipped), Weld wheels, slicks, skinny's, header back exhaust system and other things that I'm sure to find. Hello All, I am selling my Car. I am open to offers. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 # 3824 of 6400. Hennessey SRT600 #4 of 50 17000 Mi. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, 6.1 HEMI, NAG1, UConnect, NAV, Moon Roof, Push Button Start $74,749.00 SRT600 Hennessey Performance Engineering Hennessey Performance Engineering converted it into their SRT600 #4 of 50. • Stainless Steel 3 inch Exhaust System • Hennessey Stainless Steel 1-7/8 inch Long Tube Headers • High Flow Catalytic Converters • K&N Air Filter, Diablo Sport Trinity T-1000 Tuner • All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids • Engine Management Calibration • Professional Installation Vortech V-3 Centrifugal Supercharger System • SRT600 Exterior Badging • Serial Numbered Dash & Engine Compartment Plaques • Hennessey Premium Instrument Cluster and Floor mats • Chassis Dyno & Road Testing • 1 Year / 12,000 Mile Limited Warranty This car was purchased by a celebrity athlete (he signed the deck lid), who had it lowered 1 ½” to accommodate 22” MOZ wheels. I purchased it and made the following MODS. Paramount Performance $3849 Paramount Stage 2 NAG1 70 Series •· The Paramount NAG1 70 Series is recommended for LX/LC owners that make 700 ft-lb’s of torque or less. •· Also recommended for SRT8 Jeeps at 625 ft-lb’s of torque or less. •· This transmission is built with double sided AMG Mercedes clutches, Mercedes seals, Mercedes gaskets and Mercedes filter. •· It has additional clutches in the problematic clutch packs as well as other proprietary internal modifications. •· Shift firmness will be quite firm on the up shifts and down shifts. $879.00 Dominator series Torque converter Custom built new “Dominator series” Torque converter. Extremely high stall speeds available for your NA Chryslers. Wonderful drivability on the street. Unheard of ……Full warranty for 1 year, regardless of power applied. These are custom built for your vehicle $850.00 Paramount Performance TCM * Specifically designed for use with the Paramount Stage II valve body. * Shift points...6500 or 6800 or manual shift (custom available) * Raised rev limit to 7300 (from 6767 stock and MTCM) * Normal driving when in drive, autostick HOLD ON! * Revised torque management * Revised transmission pressures to augment our Stage II valve body. $2150 LX/LC Unlimited HP Axles + Hubs 1,400 hp axles 1 year warranty to the original owner through DSS. (No power limit) High strength Chrome Moly steel (300m) High strength hubs $199.99 SFI 29.1 Certified Flex Plate (Hemi-NAG1) Mandatory in NHRA & IHRA Class racing, this is a safety MUST. Certified to 12,500 rpm Unheard of ……Full warranty for 1 year! $129.99 Transmission Drive Shaft Loop Chrysler | Dodge This driveshaft safety loop is custom-designed so that it can be installed in the modern Dodge Charger & Challenger applications with no modifications necessary. Our loop can be installed without having to remove the driveshaft and is compatible with popular aftermarket exhaust systems. $1599.99 DODGE 2009-2011 LC Challenger SRT8 Automatic Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Driveshaft 1350 u-joint Custom 108mm CV with high speed boot and special grease Spline made from 300m and installed into aluminum head for superior strength and light weight Balanced on our high speed machine Comes complete with all high grade hardware (not more bent Guibo bolts) Rated for 1000hp + 1-year warranty. 25lbs $5500 LX/LC 8.8 Rear Diff Assembly 3.06:1 OEM ratio, others available. Heavy duty Limited Slip using a standard clutch style differential. Complete assembly is painted black. Unlimited HP axles & hubs are included. Billet rear girdle cover. Rear portion of your driveshaft will be modified to work properly with this diff Petty’s Garage $149 PG-TC-003 Petty's Garage Automatic Transmission Crossmember. A racers goal is to maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle while reducing overall weight. Replace your stock transmission crossmember with this bolt on replacement built by Petty's Garage. It is 3 lbs. lighter than the stock piece and maintains the structural integrity of your Challenger. Carbon By Design $1499.99 Dodge Challenger Hood $1299.99 Dodge Challenger Deck Lid $339.00 Dodge Challenger Radiator Cover $374.99 Dodge Challenger Deck Lid Spoiler Seibon Carbon Fiber $978.99 2008-2011 Dodge Challenger Seibon OEM Carbon Fiber Side Skirts $858.00 Rear Bumper Cover Replacement | Carbon Fiber Rear Lower Valence panel $1040.00 2008 Seibon Carbon OEM Grille Surround facia​​ $105.49 08-2008 Dodge Challenger Carbon Fiber OEM Style Front Canards $945.45 OEM-style carbon fiber tail light surround for 2008 Dodge Challenger Race Ready $845.00 3” Electric Remote Open and Close Exhaust Cutouts Black Ops Customs $2800.00 Black Ops one off, Carbon Fiber seat rail side covers R & L ORS Body Shop $7500.00 ORS Professional installation and paint work and installed other special order and one off items, for which I have not yet found the receipts. VIPER Alarm Remote Start 5904 $782.94 Purchased from and installed by Best Buy. HOOSIER 17X10.5X30 SLICKS​​ $225.00 X 4, $1000.00 ​ M&H Racemaster 4.5/26.0-17 D.O.T. Front Runner Tire​ X 2 $363.00​ ​ WELD RACING​ 17X19 CHALLENGER SRT8 BLACK CENTER POLISHED WHEEL $489.00 ea X 2 $978,00​ 17X5 WELD RACING 17X5 CHALLENGER SRT8 BLACK CENTER POLISHED WHEEL $465.00 ea X2 $930.00​​​ ​ SRT600 TOTAL $111,839.81 ​ ​ Package Price $83,000.00 ​
  10. Thanks to all, Since I was unable to find someone to rekey them I bought a master pin/wafer kit and now have rekeyed all of my cars that needed it. It is actually kinda cool. Regards, Johnnie ​
  11. Hello All, I am working on my 71 roadrunner, I need to rekey the center console lock. I have a rekey kit but I don't know how to disassemble the lock housing. I hope that there is a friendly locksmith here to help me. Thanks, Johnnie
  12. Hey Kev, Erik and Speedy, ​ Speedy has a great video, but it is for the Innovate (I think), I've got the AEM UEGO. Erik posted to use the blue wire so I'll go there first. ​ As for 12 psi, I'm going to get it right at 8 first, I hope.​ Thanks, ​ Johnnie​
  13. Late to the party again. I'm glad to report a 11.88 @ 124 and change. Erik really helped me make it to the Nats where I had belt issues. At first I was told that it was an alignment issue with the jack shaft pulley. So when I got her back to KY, I took a straight edge to the pulley array and they looked flush. So I shortened the belt length to 103" and for the last eight runs it stayed in place. I am going to continue to work Erik til we get all that we can be @ 8 psi boost. Kev I did install the AFR gauge just got to work out the correct wiring assignments. Does anyone know the correct wiring for the AEM UEGO wide-band analog input to the Trinity T-1000? Let me know. By the way BFKY would really work, if you know anything about Kentucky. And Erik would be closer...
  14. I didn't get to enlist into the military, in 1969 my draft number was 3, so I went to enlist, as it turned out, in the Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force. Marines and Army said that due to my Japanese heritage I would probably be shot by friendly fire (how's that for PC). The Navy and Air Force said that I was "abnormally violent in nature" and would not be well suited to "taking orders from my superiors". In short I just didn't measure up. However I am grateful to and for the men and women that have served our great nation to preserve our freedom, in spite of the idiots that currently inhabit it (not everyone, just the idiots). I take the comments offered here as my own and I'm glad to see that we still have enough freedom coursing through our veins and fire in our hearts to be willing to defend our Nation and each other. I will defend with whatever force available to me, my God, my nation and my family. And I can say that because I'm a citizen of the United States of America. FWIW.
  15. I'll check with Erik. He is steeping up to help me get this puppy on the road/track by the Nats. Given the additional mods to get this 6.1 to come to life, I would be better off to get Erik's 426 with a cam switch for a boosted engine (at least that's what I keep telling myself). His engine is a proven performer.