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  1. These f1s truly do suck in wet conditions and snow don't they!
  2. Oh right now I remember! Btw you owe me a pair of sox!
  3. Someone pick up a package of depends....ill paypal you for them.......wouldn't want Earl to have any more accidents like last year. Lmao
  4. ....pisss on the horse....not me, been there done that....yeah thats another horse to stop beating..
  5. poke....poke, yup it's dead. lmao
  6. I understand you cant babysit, but just wanted to point out that it was a struggle last year for some to understand and know everything and were eliminated due to some miscommunication.
  7. It was a challenger, i saw him in line after his pass, he had won, then he was told to pull over in the staging lanes, i passed by and asked how he did, he said he won his first race and was told to pull over and wait, he basically just got overlooked and passed by. I dont know all the details, but wanted to mention it again like i did last year so noone gets skipped over or pays to race and doesnt get to. I know now you could tune the radio to hear what is going on but last year I didnt know that.
  8. Something to watch out for and I say this only because it happened last year, one if not more during racing were told to stop and wait in the lanes, then were eliminated without having been beaten in race. I dont remember his name but while I was waiting in line at the end he told me he was told to pull over and wait, then didnt get to race anymore.
  9. just dont hold your urine, oh wait I already know you cant hold it very long Earl! LMAO........wait did I just say that?
  10. This may not be the answer but I had a factory recall on my smart window equipment....it said it might cause battery drain....not sure if its the culprit but is my .02 worth of knowledge