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  1. This may not be the answer but I had a factory recall on my smart window equipment....it said it might cause battery drain....not sure if its the culprit but is my .02 worth of knowledge
  2. Bet the ole lady will love that.....lmao, oh you meant the "wheels" lmao
  3. I think the dude has been watchn to much Fast and Furious movies, but in his case it's called Slow and Illtempered....
  4. i,m just wondering why people thought shipping an intake was expensive, i shipped a 6.1 intake with rails injectors etc for less than $50 dollars across the country.
  5. not sure on the validity but i was told you could use a little vaseline at the rubber seals and this would help where the window meets the roof, mine usuall defrosts after a few minutes otherwise.
  6. Yeah, stupid me used my vacation to do my hood, I did find out though that the company that supplies the plexi to the glass shop can cut my lenses by machine, I have to buy the sheet of glass, and pay them per piece. I'm basically busted for now but i'll get more made this summer sometime. If I go this route, the quality should be better, and I can get 44 cutouts (22 sets I believe) made with a whole sheet of plexi. Maybe next year I can plan ahead and execute things more efficiently. Most likely will be able to keep around the $50 dollar mark and then just charge shipping
  7. I hope to get down there, but it's lookin like it'll be next year, Im in the hole right now, and my glass company wants more money for the plexi, I have to buy the sheets now at around $150 and then also pay them to cut the squares. They did offer me an option of having the lenses machine cut via the place that they order the glass from, I had a cutout sent to them for pricing. But who knows how much that'll cost. It's lookin like my dream is getting crushed really quickly.
  8. he said mule dick!!!!