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  1. Thank you, Speedy, Chuck & Lisa, Phil, G-paw Greg, and all others involved in making CF9 happen. Had a blast. Would also like to thank the sponsors for donations, prizes and support of this awesome annual event. Thank you, Scott
  2. awesome pic Wes, thanks Scott
  3. Not sure, some times I purchase fuel at track.
  4. ^2X congratulations
  5. Awesome pictures. Thank you Wes!!!
  6. Good luck Eddie, hope to see you at the track friday night.
  7. Hope I can keep from pitching it in the can, need something that will keep the belt on Purchased from HHP, just ordered a longer belt, I should be set. Thanks all for the insight and information. If nothing else I am less aggravated with this thing...for now.
  8. it's a whipple tossing belts for me at the track. Shouldn't be that tuff, ordered a longer belt and I will adjust the idler on the bracket back out. Just frustrated and needed to vent.
  9. IVwarranties I am full of shit....pulley wheel on ford tesioner is slightly larger. I have adjusted the adjustable idler on the SC bracket but still not enough to get a belt on. Looks like I will try a longer belt.
  10. 17% OD damper, pulleys on the tensioners have the same diameter. Problem is moving the tensioner to the slack side without rounding the square hole or breaking off the 3/8 tit on the serpentine toolbar. The square peg of a craftsman serpentine toolbar twisted off in the tensioner, got it out of the tensioner but damn. Getting tired of throwing off belts and rounding holes in various tensioners. What have any of you guys came up with to remove enough tension on the heavy duty tensioners without rounding the square hole? Or do I just get an inch longer belt.
  11. Have been having trouble throwing off belts. Decided to replace the Dayco with the heavy duty ford tesioner. You guys using the GT500 tensioner. How the f...k did you get the tension off that bitch enough to get the belt on? Busted 2 serpentine belt tools trying to round the hole out on the tensioner. And no were near gitting the belt on. Any input, hints, suggestions appreciated.
  12. Damn, sorry to hear
  13. awesome Eddie, have a safe trip home. Just stash the speeding tickets in the glove box.
  14. I have been in touch with AJ, need to log runs and send them his way.