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  1. He's a faggot.
  2. Been telling you guys, Toxic Orange is the fastest!
  3. If someone stole the trans, why not call the cops?
  4. Given the fact that FCA might be pulling R&D funding from Dodge to get Fiat up to snuff, I wouldnt expect to see the 2018 redesign happen, especially if Challenger sales keep doing as well have as they have been since the introduction.
  5. It wasnt the supercharger they wouldnt do, they would not install the drop in pistons that teh 392 really should have when boosting.
  6. Ya, thats how I feel. If they are not comfortable, or dont have the experience to do this job, I am glad they said something before hand.
  7. Yea I have no idea why Steve said it was too many miles he just flat out said no. I hit him up on FB, probably in the OPs thread and he once again reiterated that he will not do drop in pistons on a high mileage motor.
  8. What would be the upsell, a full rotating assembly? And I havent raced this car and half of those miles are highway miles and I took a couple of decent road trips. Didnt make sense to me, but whatever.
  9. Me neither . Whatevs! Good luck to the OP!
  10. Yea not sure either. I contacted him and he said he wont do drop ins on a high mileage motor. I guess 16,000 is high mileage to him. Maybe he doesnt trust his mechanics or something, saved me a blown and blown up motor.
  11. Wish I could get Steve White to work on my ride, but he feels that 16,000 is too many miles to install the drop in pistons...
  12. Ok, so what have we learned today? You can transport 2 full grown men in the trunk of a Challenger, lets see the Mustang and Camaro do that. You can get into a collision with a Toyota, where the Toyota driver dies, and the Challenger driver walks away. Finally that is a gorgeous blue under the lights on that car above!
  13. Awesome build going on here! Pardon my ignorance, but it looks like the fuel system is a pretty easy deal, what about the rest of the electronics? Thats what makes me shy away from something like this more than anything. In terms of electronics can a lot of stuff be stripped off if its going into something like this? I would guess the 6 speed would be a better choice than the Nag 1? Thanks for sharing
  14. This is what I figured, The guy is saying the oil looks like it should, and the antifreeze looks like it should, In other words, all good!
  15. I figure while you are in there, you might as well upgrade the rods..