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  1. Didn't he trade his house in for an RV and just go off the grid?
  2. This one happened 5 minutes from my house. It doesn't mention it in the article, but there was a blue Hellcat involved. See the second photo. https://www.courierpress.com/story/news/2018/02/11/epd-searching-person-connection-morning-shooting/327354002/
  3. Thanks Denis! Trans is being fixed now, will be looking for a new PB after that! I do enjoy my daily driver, Micah! So do the kids when I pick them up from school, and they don't even mind climbing past the roll bar.
  4. Denis, Forgot to post this after CF8. New PB in the 10's, before I broke it in the final race of the 6-speed shootout.
  5. I will bring these items only if interested. 10 lb nitrous bottle, FULL -- $150 SRT8 Subwoofer from Harman Kardon sounds system, fits in spare tire well of trunk -- $50 Hurst Line Lock solenoids -- $40 Cirkit Boss 70207, weatherproof, has 7 circuits (3 hot, 4 ignition) -- $50 A-pillar triple gauge pod -- $100 Electronic fuel pressure gauge -- $50 Pics will be posted soon...
  6. They did, but my setup is pretty custom, so I'm not sure it's applicable to anybody else.
  7. These guys make the coolest cases. Automotive paint! https://www.maingear.com/custom/computers/custom-desktops/index.php I couldn't see where you could just buy the case though. I think they're trying to sell complete systems, with the markup that goes along with that.
  8. Yeah, that's one bad-ass truck. I love the interior, with the 6! point harnesses. I definitely need a spare tire setup like that. A question I'd have, though, is whether they get wheel rub in the fenders, with the 37" tires and all that wheel travel. I get some rubbing at the extremes of wheel turn going over a bump, and my truck is lifted higher than theirs.
  9. Thanks Micah, Mike and OST for making my car go really fast! Micah at the wheel for this pass: Can't wait to get it back so I can finally go 10's! For those not familiar with our efforts, the build thread is here: http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/17480-ost-dynos-1000whp-turbo-challenger-build/?p=447477 Cliff Notes version: HRH-built 426 engine, with Borg-Warner 88 mm turbo mounted in the rear McCleod clutch, with custom flywheel RPM Level 7 transmission DSS driveshaft and 9" diff/rear end 15" rear brake conversion Stock suspension, with Micah's own proprietary "Anti-Hop Plates"
  10. I've rebuilt my PC in the same case multiple times over the past 12 years or so, and now more and more I'm leaning towards getting one of those fancy liquid-cooled cases. My first build, they were nonexistent, my second build, they were only for extreme gamers. My experience with aquariums has made me more comfortable with liquid near electronics parts.
  11. 525-550 HP at the wheels, 110-118 MPH in the 1/4.
  12. I doesn't seem right to claim to be the "top stick" until I've actually driven the car, so my PB in the vehicle is still on the list (but you have to skip down a category into the 11's, haha). I think Micah deserves a lot of credit for not only building the thing, but being able to drive it that fast. You all can laugh at me when I get the car back and turn their 9-second car into a solid 10-second car. Another approach would have been to not tell anybody about their 9 second pass, get the car back, run it 9 seconds myself, then put it on the list. But there are a few people working on breaking into the 9's, and I wanted OST to get the credit for cracking the nut first. It was important to them to deliver me a proven 9-second car, as opposed to just building it, throw it on the dyno, and then say, this car could go 9 seconds, look at all the horsepower, good luck with that! I'm impressed with the amount of work they put into it, thinking about every aspect of the build and how it relates to hitting the goal, not just throwing a bunch of parts together and hoping it all holds. It's not just about building a 1000+ HP car, but also understanding how to put that power to the ground and make it stick. Watch the other threads for details on how that was all done, but for now I'm happy to be the owner of the quickest 6-spd Challenger, and we'll see later what my own PB in the car will be.
  13. Yeah, Micah drove it, so he's the top stick... for now!
  14. New category for you Denis! Don't fuck up the formatting. Micah still at the wheel. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  15. Holy crap Murray, when you decide to do something, you really go balls to the wall. Congrats dude! I'm sending you a text, but who the fuck knows when you'll get it. Respond when you do...
  16. The trans on my '09 1500 was starting to go, and I wanted more towing power, so traded it in for this '14 2500. The Uconnect 8.4 system really kicks ass. I recently added a front hitch to better maneuver my trailers into the garage, and a forward-looking camera to help park this beast, as well as hook up the front hitch. With the lift and chrome, I believe I am now more redneck than Speedy and his Camaro. This is the truck that pulled DevilDogge to the Heavy Duty Dark Side. Chuck, you know you want to also...
  17. Actually, the car WAS flat foot shifted all the way. Micah knows how to drive, trust me. Front end dips between the 1-2 shift because he hit the rev limiter. That first shift comes up quick... in 2.15 seconds at 58 mph according to the logs. But the logs also show that he never lifted the throttle. He was trying to shift at 6400, and set the Raptor shift light at 5800. Turns out he never saw the Raptor. It's got yellow LEDs and isn't as bright as advertised. We don't know if it's the color or a faulty unit. So he was going off the tach, and the logs showed he was in fact shifting at around 6400, just not quickly enough. Because of that he lost 2-3 mph at every shift. This build has a serious learning curve. Like I told them from the very beginning, "You guys gotta build me a 9-second car so I can go 10's."
  18. Yeah Denis, 2014 was the first year they offered the 6.4. The best part about it is, it calls for 87 octane, not 89 like the 5.7's! I had to read that part of the owner's manual a couple times before I believed it. So even though the mileage is worse than the 1500, it actually costs me less per mile to operate. And with the bigger fuel tank, I get the same range as the 1500. Don't tell the tree huggers though... Me neither Alan, and I probably would have built it differently had I done it. But it was a good deal used, so I jumped on it. I didn't realize all the attention it would get just driving around town, nor how much I would enjoy that part of it! Between this and the Yellow Jacket, my vehicles are anything but boring. And the chrome is really easy to keep looking clean and shiny. Thanks Rob!
  19. Thanks Stevo!
  20. Cam, I'd love to have a yellow boat to tow! At least the Sea Doos are yellow, but the boat has a black stripe. Thanks everyone. I told Phill I'm entering the truck in the car show at CF8. Heidi's got to love all the chrome bling.
  21. Haha, glad I could be such a negative influence on you! Looks like there's a lift on that thing?
  22. I just saw this! Nice ride Earl. The Dodge Ram towing a Challenger combo is right out of the Hot Wheels playbook. Most of us are just guys with big toys anyway...
  23. Micah spent a long time explaining his solution to me, but it was mostly over my head. Something to do with the Mopar self-adjusting hydraulic release bearing, where shimming it was insufficient because it always compensated for the shim (I probably got that wrong). I think he was planning to update the build thread with the details, now that we have a working solution. What's really going to kill Speedy (and anyone with a Maggie or PD blower) is our IATs at launch were 96* and 105* at the top. Turbo + big-ass intercooler FTW!
  24. You're not kidding! In the video you can see the front end dip down at the 1-2 shift. Micah was flat-foot shifting the whole time, but the car still hit the rev limiter. It was 58 mph at the first shift, with a 0-60 time of about 2.2 seconds according to the log. Gotta have quick hands indeed to drive this thing! Thanks Rob, but it's not a big deal. Life's too short to be petty. For me it's all about the fun and friends.