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  1. You could not be more wrong. Will leave it at that.
  2. As far as brian stating he received the enine the second week of november, it was actually the second week of august. Still extremEly late but if we are talking about telling the truth, it should be noted
  3. 90% of what brian says is true, we were way behind and still are. We have about 5 to 7 guys left to take care of. Not many shops would give away $4200 worth of free product to apologize. Not to mention the shortblock was sold at cost during a black friday sale. Poor decison on my part. Billy is still building engines for us, no change there. He decks blocks when needed per his recomendation. Not much else I can say to add to this. We made some bad business decisions as a company over the past couple of years as well as trusted some people we shouldn't have, helped customers that we shouldn't have, and got burned by some "friends" and "associates" we never imagined. I have pretty much stopped taking orders till we can get everything under control at which point we will be around much more often. Until then, I work two jobs to pay for all the outstanding orders. Slow process but it's better than filing bankruptcy, closing shop, and screwing everyone over. Performance worx was created in march for reasons that have no relevance in this discussion. All performance werks customers are still being handled and maintained by performance worx. This is all I care to add to this thread and won't be back in till all remaining customers are caught up and current.
  4. Just sharing a major accomplishment from this past weekend. This is the first iron block gen III hemi in an LX/LC to run 9's all motor.
  5. This was a std 393 originally built 6 years ago maybe longer than that. We took it out of Keonis Jeep because it was only built for about 700rwhp. It was sitting at the shop when John needed an engine. I told him he could "borrow" it for Atco 2 years ago. He ended up winning the race at Atco that year and finished second in the points race this year with a bare bones 393 with no options. I expected that thing to let go 75 passes ago. Its somewhat satisfying to see the part that eventually failed was a factory part beyond our control. I have never seen a stock cap fail but I know a couple others have. Typically over the 1200hp mark we start pushing billet caps. John might have been close to that at the wheels. Glad it served you well over the years, the aluminum motor has billet caps btw . His old 393 will get torn down, billet caps installed, honed and rebuilt with new parts. Probably the hardest block we have. That block is the absolute definition of "seasoned".
  6. I appreciate you picking it up and dropping off those cores. Sure made it easier on me. Thanks
  7. .003 or so just to ensure they are flat. 6.650 x 7.875 works best
  8. 11:1 and 91 with that cam wont be an issue. Static doesnt change with the cam but dynamic will. You have a large amount of overlap that will bleed off some dynamic compression. You wont have any issues with a solid tune.
  9. Everything bill has said is true. We are very sorry and I don't blame you for voicing your disatisfaction. We deserve it. It's very unfortunate but we are doing our best to get everyone caught up. We have been taking very limited engine orders so that can focus on getting caught up. Have actually turned some business away so as not to compound the issue. These sound like excuses but they are not. We screwed up and are trying to get everyone caught up asap.
  10. the radial clearance will be very close. Max lift has nothing to do with clearance FYI. At max lift, the piston is not at TDC. Duration, ramp rate, and ICL are the biggest determining factors. Also the free-drop on an Apache is less than that of a 6.1 head. Clay it up and verify but I think the radial clearance will be the issue.
  11. Congrats Gary
  12. The rod length is not what changes displacement. Rod length has zero affect on displacement. If staying under 1000hp, stock head bolts and stock head gaskets will not fail. Definitely 2618 pistons as well as steel rings and potentially 9310 wrist pins.
  13. yes, to the back of the heads.