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  1. Hey guys, That was me on LX. One question: Is the bottle valve the same for the 3000 & 4500 PSI setup?
  2. I have Eibachs & I have them set exactly the same on both sides & my car sits perfectly level. I have them cranked as low as they'll go on both sides in the back. Dead level...
  3. Yea, or quadruple or bass. No shit though. Racing like that at night is crazy.
  4. Wow, glad you guys are ok. Where can you go watch that?
  5. Oh, I thought I read that in your PB thread. Guess not. Seemed crazy.
  6. Just fuckin awesome, congrats. I can't believe you're running on a stock tranny. Is that a record?
  7. What's the best 60' so far? I love this thread. It's really encouraging to see that it's possible to run 9's on such a small shot. Not to mention blasting it right out of the hole & running a 1.3...... I have no problem whatsoever riding the coattails of the guys who have painfully perfected the learning curve.
  8. I'll take a catback & some tires please.
  9. What controller are you using? What controller is 5939 using?
  10. Yea, I prolly shoulda skipped the plate but I didn't. It'll give me a chance to learn how to drive it before it hits too hard.
  11. That's awesome. I'm taking a similar path with a BES 426 but I'm gonna start out with a small shot on a plate until I get it dialed in. You're way ahead of me but I'll catch up.
  12. Nitrous only, I love it.
  13. Congrats. Blower? What engine?
  14. You're gonna love that truck. I have a 2011 for my DD & I LOVE it. The Garmin is awesome.