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  1. 6.1 intake manifold, with rails, injectors, map sensor, bolts, and new gaskets. Looking to get $700 obo
  2. Is this thread for anybody wanting to post for sale stuff that can be brought to Challengerfest? I don't want to step on any toes.
  3. F/S 6.1 Intake Manifold, w/rails, injectors, bolts, gaskets, and MAP sensor. I bought it used, and never got around to installing it, and could use the money. The previous owner said that it had 12k miles (however, I can't verify, as I didn't get it new). I am looking to get $700 obo. I can get pictures up in a day or so. *EDIT* It is still a virgin unit, with no porting.
  4. BBQ was awesome, had it both days. I think I need to get that recipe for the cajun corn. If the 6 speed class was indexed, I might run my junk.
  5. Glad you made the trip. The Mopar shifter compliments the Barton very nicely. Now, I don't feel like I'm shifting with a dildo . Also thanks to Hemi57 for the deal on the shifter and sending it with Murray. I had a great time, as usually at Challengerfest, and got in a short nap during the rain/hail on Friday.
  6. That is why I didn't say the actual word . Praying and hoping for good weather. I agree, the cars (and trucks and Jeeps) will love that cool air.
  7. If the weather doesn't cooperate on Friday, will the MSHS have their event on Saturday? I didn't know if there would be enough time for the rented timetable on Saturday, if that was the case. I am really looking forward to that, as I haven't attended one of their event before. ChallengerFest is awesome in it's own right, but I am excited about 2 days of racing.
  8. Where was this 3 weeks ago ?
  9. Son of ... I just bought mine and installed it already.
  10. Hemi57, I'll take the Mopar shifter. I'll find out who Murray is, and I'll pay him when I'm there also.
  11. Bump, will give the Ram Air Kit and $200 for a unmarried Trinity.
  12. Cervini Ram Air kit painted matte black designed for a stock hood - $250 obo
  13. Ended up purchasing new from Barton. Close thread.
  14. Like the title says, I am looking for a Barton Shifter. I have the money ready and am ready to buy. I know I can get a new one from Barton, and I may do that, but I thought I would check here first to try and save a little money.
  15. Pm sent. Is it still for sale?