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  1. personal bests are always great !! congrats brother
  2. here is the video - finally one on the trailer one on the dyno Another question, has anyone started to tune a car with HPT and then tried to do a different tune with Diablo? tenneesee_2017_s_460.mp4 tenneesee_2017_s_450.mp4
  3. Went to get my car tuned, 5.7 based 392 with Eagle heads and new cam, and tuner would not complete the tune because he could hear a popping noise in the exhaust. I respect he didnt finish the tune because it may cause more harm than good. The noise was very small and with my old ears I could not hear it. My 16 year old and the tuner could tho. The noise almost sounds like a sucking noise, the engine does not shake or sound bad at all. I am going to try and put a short video up so maybe someone knows where I would start looking at He said he was pulling alot of fuel from one bank and very little from the other. his words - 15% from one side and 1% from the other
  4. daumn its ls powered hile you’re fuming over that, better sit down, because that’s not the only Chevy-swapped Mope. The clean, silver 2010 SRT Challenger that Jaime Hochbaum has been campaigning is * Gasp * LS-powered. Hey, he thought the Challenger was the prettiest of the new modern muscle, and he bought a theft & recovery Challenger shell, and already had an LS motor. It was a logical decision, even if it will give Tim Kuniskis nightmares. Don’t worry there, Dodge CEO, it hasn’t got all the bugs worked out yet so the Hellcat is safe.
  5. there was a silver challenger at dragweek running 8xx. saw it on dw`s live feed on fb anyone know who it might be?
  6. sent a mewssage to Don on FB and its a scam
  7. from Allpar http://www.allpar.com/news/2016/09/very-accurate-srt-durango-rendering-33563
  8. Received an invitation from this site...AngelList.com from Don Yates. Is this legit or is it spam????
  9. Yup I know he sells them but is out of them at this time. Just wondering if the used ones might be for sale
  10. are those solid bushings available for purchase?
  11. this one is in north carolina http://m.triadmls.com/mobile/commercial-for-sale/1255-wilkinson-road-mooresville-nc-28115-180309177
  12. daumn nice Alex
  13. saving my pennies