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  1. You need the 2 Hubs, 2 Snubbers, 2 Rear Mount Bolts, 2 Front Mount Bolts and 2 Exhaust Hangers too
  2. My Bad I wasn't thinking yes 2.62 to 3.09.......my thought was that they were switching to 3.09 and with a A8 the 3.70 or 3.90 would be so extreme 1sr gear would be almost nonexistent
  3. Funny most Hellcat guys are switching from the 3.70 to the 3.09
  4. That's what I wanted to hear, We have all the parts and that means a driveshaft is available now
  5. Yep right lane all day...Thanks
  6. Yes # 205
  7. Nope Its Tony's.......Have not seen any of my car yet....Mines easy its got matching front and rear wheels
  8. Blue Challenger
  9. I think everything went great. The track did a really good job keeping up with the track prep and did a hell of a job getting through the MSHS
  10. My 1400 hp axles have been clunking for a long time, it keeps getting worse. I wasn't even going to race at Challengerfest it was so loud on the drive down. It was worse with the car loaded up for the trip and curves the right but even does it going straight 2009 Challenger R/T Stock Nivomats and springs
  11. Thanks for everyone that makes this event possible. It just gets better every year.....looking forward to next year. Big props to all those who donated to Team Tommy
  12. Damm car is all packed up...trunk full and the battery went dead