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  1. When Arrington and AJ parted ways....Arrington lost. BIG TIME. AJ FTW:) One passionate guy. Bill
  2. I agree. However, the higher the power level, the more maintenance. I change after every event. BJB changes after every event. Harrison changes after every event. The very high hp guys change often...ALL FLUIDS. Bill
  3. Actually many of the Paramount guys do. We change ours after every weekend...ALL fluids. AJ taught me that. Good way to spot something before it becomes a very expensive. Bill Please just keep us all in the loop. We are hear to help and share with future friends and customers. Bill
  4. This just emailed to me from a good friend and long term customer: Not that this has anything to do with it, but mine does that every time... IF....I disable traction control in the predator with AJ's tune in my car. If I manually push the traction button for 10 seconds and disable traction control all is well. Please give it a shot as well as the above stuff. Let us know which works so we can all help out our customers:) Bill
  5. Sorry Bud..I just drive mine:) 2012 2500 with 150 k on the clock. A bunch of it pulling the Jeep in the trailer...15000 lbs. Gas 5.7 Love the Damn thing, looking at throwing an Edlebrock supercharger on it. Bill
  6. I recall the details of Q16. It ate up my injectors then my motor melted down in seconds at ATCO. About a $ 25,000 lesson Saved the oil pan and intake manifold. I have 2 buckets I will GIVE you...unopened. Bill
  7. Guys, thanks for your support! The Gen III Hemi's are now well received nationally:) What a blast we had at Lights Out 6. The main comment was.....something unique......cool as Hell. Off to MSHS next week, should be a blast. Bill
  8. Wheelied through the 60' and it was coming over. The safety on the race pak sensed danger and blew off the blow off valve. 23psi to 3 psi in an instant. 1.22 to the 60 again though. We tied the front end totally down and will try another run today. Bill
  9. ....seems 80% are Mustangs! Bill
  10. we went 1.22 to the 60' 5.096 138.87 Turned it up a touch to see if we can get a 4.9x this weekend. It will be round 2 qualifying OUTLAW 275 Bill
  11. One of the best things you can do for your car. CF FTW:) Bill
  12. Got a call from Cult Energy yesterday....asked what the SHR was worth on a trade in on a Paramount Trans. Sadly, I told him it is worth little more than a core we purchase from Chrysler. He said fine, build me a trans that will last more than 1,ooo miles. Sad sad sad. Seems Cult is the wrong guy to tell basically go ++++ yourself. Customer service after he told me he spent WELL over 100K. Our philosophy is that in our mechanical world, shit CAN happen. Fix it as quickly as possible. Keep customer happy. Bill
  13. Fun time Ed. You sure have plenty of data now! Bill
  14. Thanks Brent + crew:) Bill