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  1. I don't get that. Our 2011 1500 Ram has a real tilt. The wheel and the tilt was the only two things I disliked on this car. Fixed the wheel.
  2. Does anyone know if the newer Challengers have an actual tilt wheel?
  3. Thanks feels like a different car. My only complaint now it I wish the tilt wheel would drop a little lower. Going to see if their is a fix for that
  4. Final product.
  5. I entered. Boy that would be nice for free. I guess I would have to pay shipping and tax?
  6. Yes I will take it for free
  7. Update: The wheel is the same and bolt. The hub was wobbling in the center a tad. Guessing since it came off a 300 a heavy person used the wheel as a crutch to get in and out and caused it to open up the hole . Rather than send it back and risk it again and I hate the factory wheel we fixed it ourselves by drilling some holes around the perimeter and injecting epoxy in and just building up the whole area front and rear pretty thick. It's probably 3 or 4 time stronger than the factory wheel new. Pretty cheaply made by the factory. It's a very soft cast aluminum with a center splined hub press fitted in not much meat holding it in. Had some epoxy here so it just cost time. Really wasn't the guys fault who does these but now he knows to closely check his cores he is using. Will be getting a discount on the Ram wheel but will send him our core. Still cheaper than a Hellcat wheel by about $300 and the time it would have taken to do some soldering to make the steering wheel controls work.
  8. Wheel is cool but have a sight issue. Has a little play about 1mm top to bottom side to side. The core is off an 05 300. They look exactly the same but either the taper in the wheel bolt is different or both. Ordered a new 05 300 bolt. If that doesn't take up the slack they will have to customize the challenger core. It's always something....lol
  9. Hell I don't know I wasn't home. Probably a couples hours. He wasn't pissed off so I assume it was an easy job
  10. Installed.
  11. yep
  12. Found this and like it better.
  13. I seen it done a few years ago but can't find it.
  14. Anyone done a swap on their early 4 spoke wheel to maybe a Hellcat one. I know they bolt on the same. There are some wrecked hellcats around here I think I could get one at a decent price used
  15. Wow ridiculous