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  1. My husband's friend did not listen and bought a Jeep Cherokee and a Dart with the 2.4 brand new. They both consume oil. Not near as much as mine but it's early. I gave this car to my son a few years back anyway for just driving to school and work. Boy changing the front struts on this car for my husband was a very grueling task. Not your normal strut replacement
  2. 426 hopefully. Sorry.
  3. Don't blow it up.
  4. Tried and succeeded?
  5. Nice piece I may have to get that if it will fit my car. Looks like it will or can be made to fit.
  6. "Car has sat in my shop since I purchased it."" Moving on to a new project." I guess you have to be a man to comprehend this? lol. Wonder what the new project was?
  7. I got to much money in it I think. Put another $2,000 in it since last year. I got the nicest one ha Dealer had one a month ago , orange with 30,000 + miles on it all stock for $25,500 I have almost 21,000 miles on mine with a lot of add ons....
  8. No I ordered it but can't remember from where. Google it. If you can't find it Ill try and find my receipt. I was going to replace the rear with the later model tailights but people were wanting outrageous prices and new forget it. You can get the the front and rear I think it's called "Mr. Norms" conversion. I'm not trying to make a 'Cuda' just not fond of the long light bar.
  9. If I had your car there would be two blue stripes down the top. Just saying.....:)
  10. I wouldn't mind owning a gen 5 . Sold our 96 GTS last year
  11. I wish. Some call Michigan the armpit of America. We call Illinois the ass-crack of America
  12. rule is side and back window can all be the same I can't remember what % or the back can be darker and the sides lighter so went with that
  13. They actually are ,they are at the maximum legal limit for Illinois. Many go darker but State Trooper love pulling over for tint violations. It's not worth the hassle anymore.
  14. Beautiful what a steal! GLWS
  15. CCW 20x9.5 and 20x11 ?