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  1. Thanks I found them. I was looking at SSW. and a few others but were only listing them from 2015+. The old man said screw that. Going to remove the cats and knock the guts out and install spark plug non-foulers in rear o2 sensor spot to prevent a CEL.
  2. Can't seem to find one for mine. Anyone make these? Retaining factory shorty manifold.
  3. Go ahead and rub it in....:(
  4. Winter sucks!
  5. Would like to. So busy.
  6. Sorry posted pic twice.
  7. Litle Devis fender flares.If thes were out before I bougth my wheels I would have went with these runing a 20 x12 rear wheel 345's instead of a 20x11's 315 and a 20x10.5 front 305
  8. I can't understand why people think a truck looking flare on a muscle car looks good. Instead of making a wide body they throw on some crap plastic flares and charge $6,000 more. I guess it's genius from a financial point of view. It ruins the lines of the car. It's not a Datsun for crying out loud.
  9. Finally got the Petty's garage subframe connectors welded on but he forgot to take pics.
  10. My husband's friend did not listen and bought a Jeep Cherokee and a Dart with the 2.4 brand new. They both consume oil. Not near as much as mine but it's early. I gave this car to my son a few years back anyway for just driving to school and work. Boy changing the front struts on this car for my husband was a very grueling task. Not your normal strut replacement
  11. 426 hopefully. Sorry.
  12. Don't blow it up.
  13. Tried and succeeded?