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  1. I think I like the Whipple , polished. Are they intercooled? Too many choices...
  2. Ok so it looks the the Viper may be going to a new home(hope I didn't jinx it) and now it's time for a SC. 2009 Challenger SRT8. By now I think every one has been tried so give me some advice. It may get stroked to a 426 so keep that in mind.
  3. It looks like Challenger is staying and Viper is going. She don't want to go....
  4. So basically it's a fair Deal? I'm not trading anything dealer wants to buy it straight up. Wasn't going to get rid of this car but selling the viper has turned into a nightmare and thanks to a guy named Doug DeMuro everyone now thinks that a B/W GTS is only worth 36-$37,000 no matter what
  5. A dealer offered me $21,000
  6. Too much boost? Well , the viper is for sale but it's not going well. May be selling this car instead. How much is an SRT8 2009 auto with 19,700 miles worth??
  7. Yes, Procharger good? A lot of choices.
  8. CCW chromed. 20x9.5 275 35 front front 20x11 rear 315 35 20s out back
  9. So you are pretty happy with it? Did you do any other mods like LG headers? Is there room fro a shock tower brace with the KB?
  10. Sorry I screwed up your quote. Thanks. She still looks like new with 19,000 miles
  11. No kidding even with the liquid cooled. So no heat soak on whipple?
  12. What are the advantages of this over a Kenne Bell?
  13. Love the Expel. We did some small pieces on my viper just to see if he could do it. Gonna try the front fascia ourselves.
  14. I changed my mind and went with Mr. Norm's Cuda style tail cover. I really like it!
  15. 1.4's and 2.0's generally don't have any issues. My friend bought a Jeep with the 2.4 and is already having oil consumption issues. Mine has been eating oil since day 1. There is no fix for it and they won't give any advice or a rebate for another car. It's bullshit and there should be a massive recall.
  16. I'm sad to report that the 2.4 is a pos and eats oil. I bought a brand new 2014 Dart GT that has been consuming oil since day 1. I filed a complaint and was told 2 quarts of oil consumption between oil changes was within factory guidelines. Yeah , right. It has gotten worse and complaints are all over the internet. Uses 4 quarts now between oil changes and was informed now they won't do anything because it is over the 100,000 mile factory warranty, despite my complaints for the last 2 years. So they can take their Hellcat and shove it. We have averaged a new Chrysler every 2 years for the last 20 years. Fiat sucks balls and won't get any more business from us.
  17. Same here. We have to add oil weekly. Car is only worth $3,000 on a trade and is going to my 16 year old for he won't be driving many miles. Buying a Honda for a DD. Fiat can shove their cars sideways. They have been no help and the only reason i don't sue is because the car is worthless. If it were a Hellcat I would. I was hoping for better treatment. Nothing, so I won't be buying a Hellcat. or anything else from Fiat ever again...
  18. 2.4?
  19. Mine literally quit running from oil level too low. Friend of mine has a Jeep with same engine and it's using oil. Dealer told him the same thing.
  20. Was close to getting a Hellcat but my suspicions were confirmed. I'll upgrade this car before I spend another dime to Fiat.
  21. Since Fiat won't warranty my Dart. No Hellcat. See post in 4 banger section...
  22. Can't decide if it's worth trading in my 2009 Challenger SRT8 in on a Hellcat? I can get about $23,000 or so for mine on trade which leaves me about $40,000 in the hole again. Can I get close to the performance of the Hellcat with $20,000 in mods in mine? Or I can change the tailights , hood and throw a Hellcat sticker on mine and most won't know anyway lol.
  23. It only took you a month to answer so I thank my hijack for getting you off your ass