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Everything posted by Sybil

  1. Typical male trait. Oopsie!!!
  2. Tires have about 2000 miles.No visible wear, in other words, no burnouts or hard driving. What are they worth?
  3. Your car rocks!! Except for the rear bumper guards. Is that paint on the white letter tires? Nice touch!
  4. They are in the basement covered up,
  5. I wish I could get $ 1,100 for these. Craig's list maybe?
  6. Mine are the factory silver powder coated ones.They are perfect. No rash or scratches.
  7. Yes the Alcoa's. Doesn't include wheel sensors though. I used them on my new wheels. $1,300 would be awesome if I could get that!
  8. Blue balls is the name of your car? You poor bastard.
  9. These cars sure have a large tunk space.
  10. Ha ha ha !
  11. I can't let my husband see this truck, he want's one bad!!!!
  12. For that money one might as well get a nice modded Viper.
  13. Normally I would say that looks hoopty but it looks kick ass!
  14. Ok, as long as they didn't get any Obama money stolen from us then I am game.
  15. Electric cars are for Obama sucking ,bleeding heart,liberal pansy asses. I don't know what happend, my hands just starting typing and this came of it. Sorry, I can't help myself.
  16. WTF???? Talking about the action going on in your post. Sorry,welcome. I got distracted.
  17. !!!!! A ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Well , you got one part of this right. Like the song goes, " Hey, you're a crazy bitch but..........."
  19. Holy sh*t we got a winner!
  20. Telling me to lighten up is like telling you not to drink beer. Ain't going to happen.Until The world does come to an end or Obama does us all in.
  21. Well, it sounds twink to me. Should say Richard Simmons or Doogie Howser instead of vagina.
  22. When I was 5. He is a little past that don't you think? Why does it say vagina when I quote C h a l l y? Nice gag. I think if I was you I would change it to Mr. 12 inch. Or 11 or 10 or............1inch.
  23. Oh brother, pic up a guitar and make some noise worth listening for f***s sake!!! Retarded, lame......