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Everything posted by Sybil

  1. .Sorry, Dumb-ass of the the 20th century for getting out of his car to film a mob of Lions. No weapon or anything. Geez, must have been a Democrat...
  2. Good way to get into an accident.
  3. Nice! I bet this one is more money.
  4. Not to change the subject but what brand/model is your tonneau cover?
  5. Looks cool! What size wheels/tires are you running? And how much lift?
  6. Might as well go with the 3500 dually
  7. How much are the bags?
  8. lAnd catch cans. I start shit on there once in a while. Got to "Eat your heart out boys" thread on ramforumcom. . I won a free catback so I bought the headers to go with it.
  9. I know. Having a hell of a time with my mother. She is going downhill and is a royal pain to take care of these days...
  10. Don't know if I can get away, Got an overflowing plate this year.
  11. I'm dumb like you...
  12. Yes, I'm dumb like you.
  13. You're. Learn to spell dum dum...
  14. Oh, I thought his name was Francis...You know that guy in the movie Stripes? He,he, he..
  15. Big baby. Go suck a pacifier.
  16. Pansy ass don't get all butt hurt over this, I wasn't being a smart ass or insinuating you were a dumb ass, dumb ass.You asked a stupid question so you got a stupid answer ..duh... Go blow....
  17. You obviously are a dipshit and can't comprehend what the fuck I am trying to say.....
  18. Yeah I understand I was using it as a figure a speech for those who suck at maintaining a beer budget let alone there household budget but I would rather it be in my bank account than in the government's. I get the fluffy feeling when you get money back at the end of the year that is yours already Duh... Anyone who wants to send some money to me every month for the next year to hold for a fluffy feeling come this time next year I will be sure to send it back to you, I promise......
  19. You can by changing your claims status but why? People who get money back actually loan the govt their hard earned money. Have your account figure up so you break even and the amount of money that you would get back if you changed your claim status and bank that every month. Get on a budget.
  20. I wouldn't mind owning a gen 5 sc viper. I would probably die in an accident tho....I can't drive a manual worth a shit
  21. Viper owners are dickless, that's why I own one...
  22. Well, I'm off to church this morning you heathens....