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  1. They are for getting attention. I love mine! But it's f'ing slow compared to what's out there. I'm not a racer but 468 rwhp just doesn't seem like much these days....
  2. I don't know but i have another question....will the later model tail light assembly bolt in directly in my 09? The newer style is so much nicer!
  3. There is a Go Mango with black stripes that is gorgeous about 25 miles from me but the downside is my old man says if I want it the Viper has to go.:(
  4. Pics of yours?
  5. Resale value is tanking on Hellcats.
  6. If you are faster and have less invested why would you? I like the power but I like my gauge set up better. They all have that pod looking set up , like my Dart lol. They are losing the muscle car look... I figured I could throw a Procharger on there and be somewhat happy...
  7. Thanks I'm convinced.
  8. Shoot the orange is the one I want!!
  9. I would pay to have it done. 6.1 not a good engine to mod? Tranny and rearend need attention? Other than power what do you mean it's not going to be close?
  10. Neither is the viper and C6 corvette. Don't know about C7. Engineers....
  11. Save all the money you would ever invest in this car and when you reach that goal trade it for a Hellcat...O sell it now while it is still worth a good chunk of change and save, save, and then buy a Hell cat
  12. I like that!
  13. 8 speed is so over rated ...
  14. I have 315 continental's on a 20x11 CCW wheel with a big fat lip. Don't stick out anymore than this but mine is stock height. What you do is remove the plastic liner, spray some white paint and mount wheel, lower car and tire will scrape where adjustment needs to be made. Then you take an air hammer and go to town on the metal. After you have plenty of clearance you do as above with the heat gun. I got the proper wheel specs from John at CCW to fit a 305 tire on a 20x11 since he has done it a few times. He said I wouldn't be able to get 315's on there tho, yeah right. I have pics in my gallery if interested. By the way nitto tires run smaller than other tires A 315 in a nitto is actually more like a 295 in a continental. I sent those back and went with the redline continental's. Nice post by the way!
  15. Very cool!
  16. .Sorry, Dumb-ass of the the 20th century for getting out of his car to film a mob of Lions. No weapon or anything. Geez, must have been a Democrat...
  17. Good way to get into an accident.
  18. Nice! I bet this one is more money.
  19. Not to change the subject but what brand/model is your tonneau cover?
  20. Looks cool! What size wheels/tires are you running? And how much lift?
  21. Might as well go with the 3500 dually