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Everything posted by Sybil

  1. Protesters shut down a mall I shop at the other day. This is really pissing me off!!
  2. A guy gets beat to death by some thugs with a hammer,,,, nothing being reported.I am starting to think this country is going to unravel.
  3. I'll take that to but always go for the most expensive....
  4. All I want for Christmas is a ............Gen V viper. Is that asking too much?
  5. Neither was I 10-31-73.....Happy belated birthday. Age?
  6. Well it was all over facebook so now I don't know what to believe. OMG!!!
  7. Obama and the Gov are a freaken joke!!
  8. No not me. Man-slave. Any men on here gone through or going through one?
  9. Yes that's all that matters. I struggled through mine yesterday. Not sick, just weak.
  10. Yeah right, they will be next to riot demanding equal rights...they are actually in Mexico as we speak against their govt.
  11. But not a fatty
  12. Lock n load! Here comes the shit!
  13. It's like the freaken plague around here! Hopefully no more for a while!
  14. Damn this last 2 weeks sucked got over the flu and got strep throat....All better finally!
  15. I have a personal gym friend who is a lobbiest for the oil companies etc.Goes to DC frequently to schmooze with the congressman and even meets with yes.... the President. Man I wish I had his job. I don't think Obama would like me too much tho
  16. I like my 2.8 GT Blue streak. Rally stripe adds about 10 hp
  17. Just saw a post on FB where Jay Leno gave a Hellcat to a soldier, pretty cool!
  18. Not completely true. If you have an overabundance of a product the price will have to come down as I stated in my post above. Eventually speculation and truth have to coincide and a correction will result. This happened before in the 70's when every mom and pop had an oil well in their back yard but OPEC drove down the price and it wasn't profitable for small timers. Now we have a own government that hinders us and we can't refine oil fast enough to get the price where it should be for us poor people . Our refineries are maxed out for production.
  19. Well just found out the Saudia's are lowering the price of oil trying to deter the oil boom in America, primarily North Dakota so it won't be profitable. It has happened before.
  20. 6 days of being sick. Finally feeling better. This wasn't the time for my week off but oh well. Back at it tomorrow!
  21. I'm near death, where should I leave the keys?
  22. Thanks butthole.
  23. Came down with it Monday afternoon, geez I can't work out. This sucks!!!
  24. Body aches, fever, sore throat. Blah....must have caught it at the bar.