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Everything posted by Sybil

  1. Oh brother...
  2. Oh brother. Nah, I just assumed this was the same Shaggy that is on and owns another car forum. Having some trouble and need a mod approval or something for the site I have listed in my sig line.
  3. Well shoot, wrong Shaggy More than one running around. My bad...
  4. Happy New year!! Going out to dinner and getting blasted drunk....
  5. Ouch, I would want to cry but I would not.... until I got home.
  6. God bless everyone and stay safe!
  7. Will the Supercharger work on mine? Just saying
  8. Geez this sounds like another RSI scenario......hope not.
  9. I get that!!
  10. Wonder what mine would be worth on a trade for a HC?
  11. That is not the way the oil commodities works. Too many variables. Diesel fuel should be cheaper than gasoline but it is more. There is a very big thing going on that probably most are not aware of but it has to do with our Govt. and rich anti-American fat cats that would love to bust this country and its ability to tap our resources.There is a reason why our President has spent us $18 trillion in the hole and China is buying up our food processing companies and land. When they have us over a barrel they will cash in their debt and bankrupt our entire monetary system in hours.We will have no choice but to surrender to a Global currency as with China being numero uno. Then you will be forced to surrender your guns....and be micro chipped as written in the Obama Health care bill.
  12. This is correct
  13. They will need a blower like a Roe with the KB that the gen 2's have.
  14. This made me laugh.
  15. Strange watching this unfold on nationwide news in a town nearby.....
  16. Protesters shut down a mall I shop at the other day. This is really pissing me off!!
  17. A guy gets beat to death by some thugs with a hammer,,,, nothing being reported.I am starting to think this country is going to unravel.
  18. I'll take that to but always go for the most expensive....
  19. All I want for Christmas is a ............Gen V viper. Is that asking too much?
  20. Neither was I 10-31-73.....Happy belated birthday. Age?
  21. Well it was all over facebook so now I don't know what to believe. OMG!!!