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Status Updates posted by Sybil

  1. I wish those alley cats would make up their flippin mind!

  2. Banned from Viper alley for life!

  3. Hey Goehner TommyFox (Sybil) here What's up?

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    2. Sybil


      I think my goose is cooked on there for good! I will find out Sat. morn 10:00 am

    3. Sybil


      I was hoping you would put your dancing avatar on there so I could get some entertainment if you know what I mean!

    4. Goehner


      Yea, I couldn't find it. :)

  4. Looks like spring is here!

  5. I am insane!

    1. Goehner


      First step is admitting it. :)

    2. StevoHemi


      Yeah...so... ya gotta be insane to be part of the MMF! All of us are NUTS!

  6. Back from suspension on the alley

  7. Back fro suspension on the alley

  8. Suspended for a week from Viper Alley

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    2. Bigbear


      Man it's been too long to remember much, I only remember a couple stretches to do. Hand held vibrator? Sounds hot

    3. Bigbear


      I'll get the wife to massage me once in a while though. Just can't go to the doc quite yet without getting disqualified.

    4. Sybil


      I would check around on the net for specific exercises for your conditions.I would get her to do therapy 3 times a week min and see if that helps. Hey, good excuse for some attention to!

  9. I am getting hammered on Viper Alley!

    1. ScapeGoat


      they still saying women dont belong on the internet?

    2. Goehner


      haha, just read the thread


    3. Sybil


      I think they all must be gay over there on VA!