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Posts posted by Sybil

  1. 4 hours ago, McCloud said:

    Is that setup for your rear lights custom made? I like that look, would like that with the Cuda grill.

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    No I ordered it but can't remember from where. Google it. If you can't find it Ill try and find my receipt. I was going to replace the rear with the later model tailights but people were wanting outrageous prices and new forget it. You can get the the front and rear I think it's called "Mr. Norms" conversion. I'm not trying to make a 'Cuda' just not fond of the long light bar.

  2. 13 hours ago, Goehner said:

    Looks good. I can't drive anything without tinted windows though.

    They actually are ,they are at the maximum legal limit for Illinois.  Many go darker but State Trooper love pulling over for tint violations. It's not worth the hassle anymore.

  3. 3 hours ago, us1champ said:

    No. Same up down in and out. Just now they are power.

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    I don't get that. Our 2011 1500 Ram has a real tilt. The wheel and the tilt was the only two things I disliked on this car. Fixed the wheel.