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Everything posted by Sybil

  1. Anyone done a swap on their early 4 spoke wheel to maybe a Hellcat one. I know they bolt on the same. There are some wrecked hellcats around here I think I could get one at a decent price used
  2. I seen it done a few years ago but can't find it.
  3. Wow ridiculous
  4. Is this something i could drop into my 2009 SRT8 minus the controls or just do the aftermarket build?
  5. I knew this lady was lying the first time I heard her speak.
  6. That's what i'm going with ... eventually. I went with the petty strut bar to clear the Whipple. Rear to match
  7. Do they all (procharger) sound like a bunch of bolts in a blender? Eek....
  8. Pretty color and without the truck flares. Good choice.
  9. Thanks sounds like fun.....for him
  10. Looking at some 2" primary headers from SSW or possibly something else if anyone has any thoughts on this. Going with a Whipple and just starting with the basics.
  11. Thst's what the man slave is for
  12. How difficult was the install?
  13. So no one has installed any LT headers on their 6.1?
  14. We live in BFE and the Viper was hard to get out to the main roads because it sat so low. No problem with the Challenger. Have a 4 door Ram so doors and room isn't the issue, just ride height.
  15. No more 2 seaters for now. Ha.
  16. Best color for a vette. My husband has been looking at C6 ZO6s , I told him no.
  17. Got the 1 7/8 on the 5.7 Ram 1500 stock. Much better. Figured the 2" would be fine for a 6.1 Looks like less room under there than the truck. Much cursing in order I think
  18. What corvette did you buy? We just sold our Viper.
  19. I think I like the Whipple , polished. Are they intercooled? Too many choices...
  20. Ok so it looks the the Viper may be going to a new home(hope I didn't jinx it) and now it's time for a SC. 2009 Challenger SRT8. By now I think every one has been tried so give me some advice. It may get stroked to a 426 so keep that in mind.
  21. It looks like Challenger is staying and Viper is going. She don't want to go....
  22. So basically it's a fair Deal? I'm not trading anything dealer wants to buy it straight up. Wasn't going to get rid of this car but selling the viper has turned into a nightmare and thanks to a guy named Doug DeMuro everyone now thinks that a B/W GTS is only worth 36-$37,000 no matter what