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Posts posted by Sybil

  1. 1 hour ago, chris1992 said:

    I've seen a few people with 2015+ tail lights that kept their 2008-2014 bumper cover. Not sure what all is involved, but it's definitely possible. 

    Been looking at parts online. I think all that has to be changed is the "surround panel" that snaps into the center because the outside edge is more rounded and not angled . Also the pig tail connection for the Led 2015 tailights is a 4 prong where mine is a 3 prong. Wiring Blah...I'm sure it's simple.

  2. 21 hours ago, us1champ said:

    No they won't you have to change the whole backend and it clips on in different spots

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    The whole assembly looks like it has the same mounting points looking at them on ebay. $175 for right and left assembly and $350 for the center section. I think you may be talking about the actual lens. not the whole assembly?

  3. 14 hours ago, Speedy said:

    Uhhh yeah they're slow.  My 2SS Camaro has 455 and weighs 3700 lbs full of fuel.  Guy here at work has one he bought recently and people who ride in it just kinda shrug.  I take them out in the HC and they're like HOLY ****

    They need turbos or  a sc to get out of it's own way lol. But it worth more now than I paid for it. The Hellcat I want will probably be gone by the time I could sell these cars and they will murder me on a trade. But the prices on the Hellcats are still dropping so we'll see...or not.

  4. 3 hours ago, Jack SickSRT said:

    I too went the "build the mofo" way and it takes a hell of a lot of money to get to sub 10.5 even more for sub 10.0 ......not to mention the constant breaking of shit . I loved my 08 BUT once you get to that 'got to go faster " it became an absolute nightmare . Leaving the events pissed off with something else broken took the wind out of the sails. All in the name of FASTEST. Between the upgrades from 09 until I sold it .(gave it away ) I had 50k +/- in the car in upgrades PLUS what I paid for it .

    I now own a Hellcat........absolutely the best decision I ever made with a performance vehicle . LOVE EVERYTHING about it..... even after an engine replacement (Long Block for FREE ) Warranty ON A MID-10 second street car . For around $4500.00 (Driveshaft , 3:09 gear , upper pulley change , Hemituner computer , Tune by Brent at DTP , Drag radials ) !0.33 1/4 mile 716 rwhp

    No brainer ......HELLCAT !!!!!!

    Need some pics! Did you trade yours in or sell privately?

  5. 3 hours ago, Speedy said:


    The market was glutton with 2016s for a while, and then the lease deals got going from Dodge, and these issues started to impact resale.  Those deals are evaporating.  If you want one I'd get it now and try to find a 2016.  I doubt you'll see the deals like this ever again as they figure out the supply and demand.

    I loved o'l Orange Krush, but the Hellcat is a fantastic package.

    Pics of yours?

  6. 20 minutes ago, mopar27028 said:

    I laid my build out expecting to be content with 675whp and a 10sec street car, but I didn't realize how true the saying Boost is Addicting was.  I've made about 60 passes at my local 1/8 mile tracks this year and I want more!   To get where I want with my car I need to at a minimum upgrade the fuel system, transmission, converter and replace the Maggie because I can't spin her any faster and maybe add a small shot... all of which adds penny on the dollar for resale value, or I can buy a Hellcat and spend 5-7k on upgrades, have a 9sec car that still holds it resale value.


    Resale value is tanking on Hellcats.

  7. 2 hours ago, mopar27028 said:

    I chose to modify my Scat, have less invested than a Hellcat and consistenly beat stock tune hellcats and always out trap them... IF I had known the Hellcat would be a 9 sec car with 'minimal' upgrades i would have went that route.  IF I could sell my car and not lose my ass i would do it and own a hellcat.

    If you are faster and have less invested why would you? I like the power but I like my gauge set up better. They all have that pod looking set up , like my Dart lol. They are losing the muscle car look... I figured I could throw a Procharger on there and be somewhat happy...

  8. 58 minutes ago, BayouTiger said:

    If you're enamored of a H/C, then by all means go that way. All the mods in the world wont make it a H/C. You can make it smoke a H/C for 20K but it's not going to be close to the overall package. OTOH, you'd be just another Hellcat. The blood, sweat, and tears (and dollars) is what makes it interesting, but no it's not fun a lot of the time. 

    I would pay to have it done. 6.1 not a good engine to mod? Tranny and rearend need attention? Other than power what do you mean it's not going to be close?

  9. Can't decide if it's worth trading in my 2009 Challenger SRT8 in on a Hellcat? I can get about $23,000 or so for mine on trade which leaves me about $40,000 in the hole again. Can I get close to the performance of the Hellcat with $20,000 in mods in mine? Or I can change the tailights , hood and throw a Hellcat sticker on mine and most won't know anyway lol.

  10.  I have 315 continental's on a 20x11 CCW wheel with a big fat lip. Don't stick out anymore than this but mine is stock height. What you do is remove the plastic liner, spray some white paint and mount wheel, lower car and tire will scrape where adjustment needs to be made. Then you take an air hammer and go to town on the metal. After you have plenty of clearance you do as above with the heat gun.


    I got the proper wheel specs from John at CCW to fit a 305 tire on a 20x11 since he has done it a few times. He said I wouldn't be able to get 315's on there tho, yeah right.


    I have pics in my gallery if interested.


    By the way nitto tires run smaller than other tires A 315 in a nitto is actually more like a 295 in a continental. I sent those back and went with the redline continental's.


    Nice post by the way!