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  1. yes my cabinet cost would drop to half. I sell cabinets not overhead

    That is not the way the oil commodities works. Too many variables. Diesel fuel should be cheaper than gasoline but it is more. There is a very big thing going on that probably most are not aware of but it has to do with our Govt. and rich anti-American fat cats that would love to bust this country and its ability to tap our resources.There is a reason why our President has spent us $18 trillion in the hole and China is buying up our food processing companies and land. When they have us over a barrel they will cash in their debt and bankrupt our entire monetary system in hours.We will have no choice but to surrender to a Global currency as with China being numero uno. Then you will be forced to surrender your guns....and be micro chipped as written in the Obama Health care bill.

  2. I saw a economic professor on the morning news yesterday that said we need 60.00 +- 10.00 per barrel to keep our economy strong. He said if we hit 40.00 we can expect some real hard times especially here in Tx. Saudi is certainly controlling these numbers in an effort to shut down drilling here. A few weeks back it was reported that they was increasing production in spite of the rest of OPEC. OPEC may have gotten on board since they have yet to stop our oil production. If we stay the course they will realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot and prices will stabilize. That is a big IF though. Now that we have more producing wells I see it as a win win for us. They can stop production if prices get too low and restart when they rise again just like OPEC is doing.

    As long as our producers realize that, as Dezel Washington put it in Training Day,


    This is correct

  3. Why are they showing these pics on CNN and saying these are the "day of incident" pics i wonder?  




    They look nothing like the pic you have in your gallery?  Your pic looks horrid, where did you get it from?


    Reason i ask is because by CNN putting those lame photos on their site, they are basically just throwing fuel on the fire IMO insinuating not a lot of damage done to the officer.

    Well it was all over facebook so now I don't know what to believe.

    Michael Brown's step dad telling the crowd to "burn this bitch down"


    These morons are all cut from the same cloth.