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  1. Looking forward to hearing about you being back in the seat.
  2. Watching for updates!
  3. Great choice! Hope you never need it.
  4. Avoid the M rating... The bike helmets don't offer fire protection I have the Bandit (in flat black) and really like it. I've used it on road courses and 1/4 mile and have no visibility/peripheral complaints.
  5. 4/20
  6. Great torque!! How did you manage to bump the peak by 200lb-ft with only a 2.4psi increase in boost and a half litre of displacement? Please share what else was done.
  7. Congrats!! Looking forward to your Monday post!
  8. http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/18753-61-srt-mani-mids-and-hellcat-rail/
  9. Bump... 6.1 srt exhaust manifolds plus mids. $ 250 plus 25 shipping
  10. Thanks Cam! Thanks Mike. I'll send him a message to see what he has.
  11. Hey Cam... Any pics?? I have a Kirkey seat hanging from the wall in my garage that I've never mounted.
  12. Damn... Nice slip, Sam!! 161 in the quarter... where do you think you'll be in the mile now?? Are you a 215 guy yet??
  13. That's the truck I wish I had.
  14. Hmmm... What's wrong with this world? Trying to get our wives to give up a hummer shouldn't be so difficult for us.