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  1. Great weekend with great friends....and you thought i couldn't drive a six-speed Pic of you in the helmet or it didn't happen..LMAO!!! Man, I'm glad I didn't get Sam's car impounded....
  2. Congrats brother!!!Texas will be a blast.
  3. That's the old Maxton Mile that moved to ohio. You will still have a ball running the lower speed class. I've run the Mojave Mile and the Texas Mile...Ohio and Florida are next on my list. If anyone lives near I highly recommend running a Mile event....HUGE RUSH!!!
  4. I dare you!!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!! lol
  5. O hell yes! I would love to make a 230+ mph pass
  6. ^^^LMAO!!!! I do like my red J
  7. Thanks Kenny!! Waiting on a couple parts so I can start testing. Forgestar did a great job on my wheels...love them!! Sam, you guys have better pics of my car than I do You ready for the 200mph club buddy? Texas is Kick Azz!!!
  8. ^^^^LMAO!! Great times guys...
  9. Big thanks to Derek (DETECH) for the ride to Adam's shop. On the road again....... Damn I missed my car. I had Adam tune the car for 91 pump so I can drive without the worry of finding E85. It was a PITA to get the 166lb injectors dialed in for 91 but Adam did it. Texas was great for testing. The things we found out about the engine and aerodynamics will help us push the car harder on her next time out. I'd like to thank Stu @ Inertia motorsports for coming through for me AGAIN!!!! with engine parts.... You F----- ROCK STU!!! Manley for the custom stainless intake and Inconel exhaust valves, springs, titanium retainers etc.... HUGE thanks to Paul @ Forgestar Wheels for the sponsorship help....wheels are a cool set of 20in F10s for the street and the race set...19in F14s for the Mile and road race duties I have a couple changes I'm working on with vendors behind the scenes that I'll post at a later date. To all the members and vendors who have stepped in and help with this project...THANKS!!!!! You know who you are
  10. You guys are acting like I'm Hyper or something.... lol I hope I can keep these crazy kids from burning down my house tonight. High winds and fireworks go well together
  11. That was a fun night bud. Don't forget about the Oatmeal cookies for the extra kick. Breakdancing in cowboy boots This year it was hawaiian shorts
  12. New Iberia is a very small town. The only thing we're known for is TABASCO SAUCE. Lisa the Morton salt mines bring back childhood memories. Our school field trips were the salt mines and the TABASCO factory.....YEP I'm country lol lol LMAO!! I haven't heard coonass in years Come on J!!! just one?
  13. Looking forward to meeting you as well lisa. Or cars are very capable of running all of the events you mentioned so put on your high heels and blast down that Mile Adam will be closed until Mon so I'm heading out to get my car..busted back and all I'll give a detailed report on the car when I get back
  14. It sounds funny to hear you guys and gals talk about Lafayette. I was born 18 miles away in New Iberia....small world Looking forward to meeting ya'll.....TEXAS!!!!!!
  15. I got people..... *ninja* LMAO!!!