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  1. Congrats Chris. Glad to see you back at it. Impressive times on a cam only 392. What cam are you running?
  2. I tested the new Legmaker Hellcat CAI this past weekend at the track. I made two passes with the stock box and two passes with the Legmaker. As you can see in my first pass, I spun bad. Prep was horrible. I pulled timing just to get it down the track. From my last pass with the stock box to the first pass with the Legmaker, I picked up 1mph. This seems to be fairly consistent with the 15-20hp gain that the Dyno has shown. DA was consistent all night. Rising slightly as the night went on. I made a second pass with the Legmaker. Car left better so the ET picked up, but the 1mph gain was still there. Onto the sound. The sound is GLORIOUS. I know my gas mileage is going to drop because I can stay out of it. I keep wanting to hear that blower whine. Kit was easy to install. It's harder to remove the stock box than it is to install the Legmaker. I'll include timeslips, pics of intake, sound clips below. Attached pics
  3. Is this a definite or just a concept? If it's real, looks like I need to budget in a new truck.
  4. Well, if Jason delivers pictures like he delivers parts, we'll be waiting all year for those pics.
  5. Congrats Jeff! Car is running strong. Any pics of the fitness model? :-)
  6. I'm not selling the heads by themselves. Coolant passages are welded and they're set up for dry decking. They match the block. I'll only sell them with the block. If someone only wants the block, I'll keep them for future use.
  7. . I also have Thitek heads. Heads and block are set up for dry decking. 10:1 Diamond pistons and Scat crank. Crank needs to be turned .010. 5 Manley rods. You'll need to buy three. Everything for $7,000.
  8. Price drop. $3,000
  9. Don't worry, Cam. I have a new line of Hawaiian shirts coming out. They ship on Friday. :-)
  10. You used my name saying I ripped people off without researching the guy's real name. Two minute Google search would've saved the trouble. Too fucking lazy to make sure you have the right info.
  11. What the fuck are you talking about? I've never sold t shirts. I'm not Fort Lauderdale. You should have your fuckng facts straight before you start talking shit. Fuck. People are fucking idiots. Can't even fact check anything.
  12. Price for the billet block is much higher than 5k. I believe 5k is for the cast block.